Week in Review – April 19, 2016

This is coming a bit late, but better late than never. The past few days, I haven’t been at my computer much at all. Hopefully, things will be settled soon.


I haven’t done any. None at all. I really should set aside some time to read every day. On the bright side, I ordered nine books on Amazon with a gift card I got. And they’re some of the best fantasy and science fiction books in recent years.


I don’t get any privacy to write at the moment. I’m around people all the time. But I’ve also been pretty busy.


I did some studying of Esperanto, and I’ve now achieved level 7 on Duolingo! It’s been a while since I’ve gone up a level.


I got my driver’s license officially, the health insurance cards for my daughter and I arrived, and we got cell phones! Brand new iPhone SE. But the biggest news is that the status of my wife’s permanent residency is now officially “Decision Made.” Basically, that means that it’s done, except for landing.


I need the time to do this. Soon, I hope.

The Blog

With the lack of time I’ve had with my computer, I have only been managing a post per day. I even missed a day. I’m not committing to twice a day until May. I’m hoping everything will be completely settled by then. And that’s when I’ll make myself a weekly schedule for regular series. I’ll try to stick with it, even if it means writing the posts a day or so in advance and scheduling the posts. Some features have been neglected, but will be back. And some should be starting.



The Next Week’s Goals

Nothing solid. However, I’ll continue my job search, and hopefully my wife’s visa package will arrive this week. We still have to figure out how she’s going to land. It’ll either be at the immigration office downtown or a long drive down to Montana and back. I also need to work on social media and update all of my blog posts there. That’s around three weeks of posts to be mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest, with some on LinkedIn.

How was your week?