A Look at My Weekly Blog Post Series

It’s about time to think about what I’m doing on the blog, and to set up a schedule. I have several weekly series that I have done, some wonderfully successful, some not.

Here are the weekly series:

  • Authors Answer – Every Friday
  • Science Sunday – A weekly science video every Sunday
  • Week in Review – Every Saturday or Sunday
  • Quick Facts – I’m thinking twice a week, but I’ll go with once a week for now. Tuesday, I’d say.
  • Worldbuilding – I’ll get this started up again, but I may go twice a month.

I also have monthly series:

  • Month in Review – First or second of the month.
  • Commentition – The twelfth of every month.

I also have an upcoming series that’ll be a flash fiction competition. I’ve mentioned what I’ll be doing for that before. When it starts, I can’t say yet. I need a bit more time to make sure I can commit to anything like that.

That’s about it, as far as I can remember. There is the Instagram series, but that’s not on a set schedule.

So, what’s next is to get myself back to twice a day posting, a good daily schedule for myself (this really depends on work), and some privacy.


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