Week in Review – April 25, 2016

I don’t know where to start. It’s been a crazy week. So much happened so fast. Not much was expected. At the moment, I’m taking care of my daughter with my mom and sister for a few days. You’ll see why.


None done, but I got some new books! They arrived last week, and I made a post about it.


Again, nothing written. Soon, though!


Still studying Esperanto. I’d like to speed up my study of it. I should get back to work on French, too.


Here’s where things got crazy. My wife got an email from the Manila visa office saying that they can’t send her decision package to Canada. We were dumbfounded. Why? Apparently, they could only send via courier to Tokyo. Well, after trying to figure out if the visa application centre in Tokyo could courier it to us, we found that they couldn’t, and the deadline was far too close to arrange any delivery method. So my wife is currently in Japan. That’s right, she went to Japan just to pick up the mail. She got the decision package, and told me that the envelope has our Canadian address on it! They couldn’t send it to us in Canada because customs can be so notoriously slow about allowing packages into the country. They needed to make sure that it could get to us on time, and sending it by express mail to us was too risky. Well, my wife returns to Canada in a couple days, and she’ll officially be a landed immigrant. And she’ll be able to start going to school starting with ESL lessons provided by the government for free.


Thinking about getting to work on this today.

The Blog

I’m starting to get back into the twice daily blogging schedule. I’m going to get my regular weekly schedule ready for next month. Expect a return to normal next week.


Maybe this summer.

The Next Week’s Goals

Most important things are to pick up my wife from the airport, get her driver’s license translated, get her health care sorted, and so on. Also, apply for lots of jobs. And maybe start up the birds of Alberta blog and the restaurant review blog. Those last two are not definite. I’ve also caught up on comments, so the next thing to do is catch up on social media. Expect a lot of tweets, Facebook statuses, Google Plus posts, and pins from this blog over the next couple of days.

How was your week?


2 thoughts on “Week in Review – April 25, 2016”

  1. Akiko’s trip to Japan was completely unnecessary in my opinion. The government needs to do much better. The deadline could be extended to allow for proper delivery of the paperwork or hey should have an office in Edmonton that they could deliver to.

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