It’s Green, and I Like It

The last few days wouldn’t convince anyone it’s spring. It’s been a mere three degrees the last three days, but finally above ten today. Yesterday, out in the cold, I did see one sign of spring: green leaves. 

Looking nice! In the past week, it’s become very green here. But the cold weather is over, at least for now. Just look at this forecast. 

It’s going to be hot next week! Three days of twenty-seven to twenty-eight degrees. Wow!

How’s the weather in your part of the world?


15 thoughts on “It’s Green, and I Like It”

  1. It was lovely and springlike in Boston over the weekend but today it is 41° F, rainy, and raw. But it looks sunny & warm again tomorrow. And it hasn’t snowed in over three weeks!

  2. Wow… That’s hot (relatively speaking). We’re only getting 8C. Sunny, though, so it’s not too bad. Certainly not 27/28! Our trees aren’t green. They’ve got buds, but not leaves.

      1. I’m in Melbourne (in the south east) and it’s usually deep autumn by now, 20 C should be a hot day, 27c is ridiculous! Pleasant for a alk but still… 🙂

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