Urban Development Fascinates Me – Rogers Place and Skyscrapers

Yesterday, I was downtown Edmonton with my wife, and we went past some major construction sites. Downtown is filled with cranes, and one of the biggest projects is the ICE district, which includes the new home of the Edmonton Oilers, Rogers Place. It also includes the two new tallest buildings in the city and right next to it is the City of Edmonton tower.

I enjoy seeing urban development and watching how it changes the area. Construction is fascinating, and I always wonder what kind of businesses are going into the new buildings. I took a couple pictures of Rogers Place, which you can see below. And notice the halo around the sun?

In this picture, you can also see the City of Edmonton tower under construction. It’s the one with the crane. It has an interesting curve on the south side.

Anyone else interested in architecture and urban development? Let me know in the comments below.


11 thoughts on “Urban Development Fascinates Me – Rogers Place and Skyscrapers”

  1. As the father of two boys who LOVE trucks and construction, it means I have to, too. Especially huge projects that take place in big cities since we don’t get there often.

    1. They’d probably love downtown Edmonton right now. There’s a huge hole in the ground where two very tall buildings will be built, one is 251 metres, the other just under 200 metres.

            1. If I go downtown next Monday with my wife for her English assessment test, I’ll walk around downtown taking pictures. I think a blog post will follow 🙂

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