Week in Review – May 1, 2016

Welcome to May! A lot has happened, and lots to tell. And boy is it going to be a hot week this week.


I haven’t done any. It’s been too long. I need to start reading every day again. I just need a quiet place to go.


Like reading, I need a quiet place for this. I hope to arrange that this week.


I did a bit of Esperanto studying, but not a lot.


This is the area with the biggest news. My wife returned to Canada and is now officially a permanent resident of Canada. Now there are a few things we have to get ready for her, as well as get some other things done. Also, I had an interview for a job!


None at all. However, I have an idea for YouTube. Since I was an English teacher for eleven years, I may do some brief, and hopefully fun, videos related to teaching English. You know, simple one point lessons.

The Blog

After a slow month, I’m going to try get things back up to speed this month.


Not at all.

The Next Week’s Goals

I’m going to try get some weekly series going again. In particular, Quick Facts. I’ll start up another next week. Some other things I’m going to try doing are some book reviews, a TV review or two, and start up my restaurant review blog. Already went to a restaurant, so it needs a review!

How was your week?


14 thoughts on “Week in Review – May 1, 2016”

  1. I have not thought of Esperanto in a long time. Good for you in learning this language and for all of the other projects you have on tap. Have a great week!!

  2. We’ve finally hit double digit temps and set up the trampoline for the kids. They were outside all weekend. The garden box is built and waiting on the last risk of frost next week to put the plants in it in a few weeks time when they’re big enough. Spring has finally arrived in Canada. You’re getting hot summer-like weather though!

    1. Yeah, we are. The gardening here should be starting, too. I’ve mentioned I’m interested in gardening a bit, so my sister said I’ve got the garden at the back end of the back yard. Lots of weeds!

      1. Are broccoli Peppers lettuce and carrots has germinated in the living room. We’re just waiting for the frost to end to put them outside. Weeds are easy enough to pull 🙂

  3. You seem busy as ever, Jay Dee. The video idea you had sounds really fun, though.

    Will you hope to “arrange” a space like the one you described in the Authors Answer their ideal writing environment? 😛

    1. It won’t be anything like the ideal writing environment, considering this isn’t my house 🙂 I do plan on getting bookshelves when there’s space. Otherwise, they’re going to be arranged haphazardly in piles and boxes.

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