Scheduling Blog Posts

To reach the greatest number of readers possible, timing is very important. I have to think about where my readers live and when they’re likely to be online. When I lived in Japan, I tended to make a post around noon and one in the evening or very early morning. That corresponded to North American times of evening and early morning. But I’m now considering scheduling my posts so they’re up at the same time every day.

First of all, I need to think about where my readers live. Most of them are American, while Canadians are in second place. After that, it’s British or expats living in Japan, and below that, it’s Australians. But there are a lot of other Europeans that read, as well. I need to cover all three general time zones with my posts.

Since North America is my biggest audience, I try to post around 6 pm Mountain Time, which is between 5 pm Pacific and 8 pm Eastern. That covers most people, and is the best time for people to be reading. It’s morning in Australia and Japan, so they can read, but Europeans are probably sleeping.

For my other post, I need to think about what the best time is to schedule. I’m thinking that 12 pm Mountain Time is best. That means Europeans get to read in the evening, but those in Australia and Japan won’t get to read it until they get out of bed. It’s not easy to time it well.

What do you think? Is this a good way to schedule my posts? What time do you usually read blogs and where do you live? Depending on your answers, I may adjust the schedule a bit.


19 thoughts on “Scheduling Blog Posts”

  1. I just started doing this myself. While I can’t yet make the time for daily posts, I have set both blogs up for twice-a-week entries. They go live at 6am PT, which works for me. More importantly, I’m trying to create a backlog of entries so I’m not feeling as rushed on a deadline!

    1. I’ve created a backlog of ideas, but I don’t normally write them ahead of time. I tend to post as I write. But when I start work, I can’t do that. I need to schedule.

  2. I read early in the morning and then late at late in Australia. As for posting, it’s always a challenge. I generally post around 8pm so most of my readers in America can read it early in the morning. It’s never easy to judge.

    1. I know. You’re kind of in an unlucky part of the world in terms of timing. You’ve got Asia, but I doubt there aren’t that many readers. I actually get a lot of readers from India, so there’s that. And I tend to get a few regular readers from Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

    1. A lot of people read through the WordPress reader. Timing is very important in that case. It’s how I read. I follow more than 1000 blogs, and I can’t handle email updates from them all.

        1. Absolutely. I was suddenly thinking I could spend a couple hours reading tomorrow morning while my wife is doing her English level assessment test, but I realised that I was planning on walking around downtown taking pictures. Maybe I can do both.

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