Fort McMurray Evacuation Plans in Edmonton

The evacuation of Fort McMurray continues, but it’s not easy. There are a lot of people who can’t make it because of a lack of gas and the traffic is moving very slowly. Here’s a video with Courtney Theriault of City TV (he’s actually a former co-worker of mine) reporting before heading up to Fort McMurray himself.

People are coming forward to invite evacuees into their homes. Unfortunately, space is limited with such short notice.

Also unfortunately, I’m seeing some politically motivated comments about this. This is not political, so please leave it out. People are losing their homes.


7 thoughts on “Fort McMurray Evacuation Plans in Edmonton”

  1. The world is still a good place. People are indeed opening their homes to those in need, to perfect strangers and their families. I’m glad you mentioned the political comments. We’ve seen them too and they’re so out of place.

    1. Unfortunately, after I made a post about the political aspect and how I hate seeing that, one of my former coworkers still commented about how he doesn’t like Justin Trudeau. He didn’t get the message it seems.

      1. It’s not like you could have stated it any clearer. Fire doesn’t care where on the political spectrum you are, what your beliefs are… it just burns everything.

  2. The “political” comments are making my blood boil. People can be such ignorant, uncaring assholes sometimes…I wrote a rant about it on Facebook this morning. >.>

    That said, I’ve seen a hell of a lot of outpouring of love and support floating around, so that makes my heart lift a bit. Still keeping my fingers crossed for my cousins’ houses, but I know several people I went to school with are going to be starting their lives over from scratch once this is all over. 😦

    1. I love hearing about the Syrian refugees helping out. But I do see a lot of people being very generous. Unfortunately, the same people I know keep spreading lies.

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