What Should I Watch on Netflix?

I have access to Netflix. I didn’t in Japan. I had access to Hulu, but never took advantage of it, except that I watched the original Battlestar Galactica. I could’ve watched the remake, but I didn’t. I wish I had. Netflix doesn’t have it.

Anyway, I do have a very long list of things to watch in my list now, and I’m going to start off with a couple TV series. I’m also going to make short reviews/impressions of each episode on here. So, what should I watch? Vote in this poll:

Also, tell me why you think I should watch what you voted for. But don’t tell me any spoilers! Thanks!


6 thoughts on “What Should I Watch on Netflix?”

    1. It seems there are only 10 episodes of Sherlock on Netflix (plus 3 extra episodes that seem to be more behind the scenes). I loved watching the old Doctor Who on Saturday nights on PBS. I wish they’d have the old ones on Netflix. Already watched the first 2 1/2 seasons of the Walking Dead.

  1. What a tough poll! I voted for Sherlock, but I have to recommend both Doctor Who and Firefly. Granted with the latter you will be saddened that there’s only one season so I almost voted for that due to such reasons alone (it would be a quickly done watch).

    For Doctor Who I started with Season 1 of the reboot starring Chris Eccleston. Many start with the Tennant era (Seasons 2-4) or even for some unknown reason Matt Smith in Season 5; it’s very odd. I’ll withhold my opinion except to say Tennant is my favorite doctor with Peter Capaldi of the current seasons a very close second. There’s something about a Scotsman 🙂

    I’ve heard excellent things about Daredevil, and The Walking Dead is still on my list. Gotham tends to be hit or miss from what I’ve heard. I have to choose between keeping up with TV and keeping up with writing so I’m far behind in quite a few shows. The ones I am caught up on are mostly cartoons to be honest.

    Sherlock episodes are an hour and a half long, yet they still feel episodic and not film-like. I hope you enjoy! Sherlockians wait quite a long while in between seasons so if you become addicted, there’s a long time in between drinks.

    1. Sherlock seems to have very few episodes, so it won’t take long to watch. I knew about Firefly’s length and the fans are constantly trying to get them to make more. And I’ve also heard good things about Daredevil. I haven’t heard much about Gotham, though.

      As for Doctor Who, I used to watch it way back in the late 80s and early 90s on PBS on Saturday nights. They’d show two episodes back to back after midnight. I started off with Tom Baker and watched all the way through to the end of the original series. Low budget, but lots of fun.

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