Commentition Magnifique May 2016

After being in Canada for more than a month, I have been able to catch up on comments, and I will stay caught up. With that being said, the standings are pretty interesting this month. We’ve had a couple regulars drop out of the top six to be replaced by another couple of regulars (Authors Answer contributors!). Who are they?

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  458 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. We have a new top commenter! And while she has a blog, she hasn’t made any blog posts. She really needs to. With 93 comments, it’s my sister, leeannarcher. Her blog is here.

2. Coming in second place is a regular who hasn’t moved at all this month. With 77 comments, it’s stomperdad! His latest post is a great one. Some nice photography of the moon! Check out To the Moon and Back.

3. In third place, we have our previous first place commenter. Gradmama2011 may have moved down a bit, but she still had 68 comments! Her latest post shows you some natural beauty (I love nature photography). Take a look at Floral Beauty.

4. Dropping down from third place, with 54 comments, it’s Miriam! Her latest post features the colour green. It’s more nature photography! Looks great. Check out Green in Nature.

5. Returning to the fold in fifth place is one of our regulars, Tracey Lynn Tobin! She had 29 comments. She loves unboxing things, and she’s got a new video. Check out her post and video, Pop in a Box Unboxing #4.

6. And finally, in sixth place, we have another regular who’s returning to the top six. That’s Linda G. Hill with 23 comments! Take a look at her latest post: One-Liner Wednesday – Watch Out!

Thanks to everyone for commenting. You make it a lot more fun to blog, and it’s great to interact with you. If you didn’t make it to this list this month, you may next month. Just keep commenting! I wonder what June will bring us.

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