Welcome to My Writing Studio/Office

This is my project:

Doesn’t look like much yet, but I’m going to have it set up so I can write, do videos, and work in a quiet place. There are a lot of boxes and things in there, and space needs to be made for me to set up my computer, but I’ll work on it over time.

First of all, I just want some space to put my computer and sit down. We need a rug to protect the floor from a chair. That’s all I need in the beginning.

After that, I’ll want to arrange the room and hide the boxes, so a partition or sheets hanging from the ceiling would work.

What I’m going to do is give you updates on the Office Project periodically when I’ve done something. I’ll be getting something done soon, so I should have an update within the next week.

What would you do with the room? Let me know in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to My Writing Studio/Office”

  1. I’m so jealous. My “writing studio” is whatever chair I drag my laptop over to. 😛
    That said, if I were you my main concern would be a comfortable place to sit with your laptop/notebook/whatever, whether that be a nice desk and chair, a big beanbag, or a frikkin’ hammock. Comfort is key when writing, in my books. ^_^

    1. I’m a comfort junkie myself. I’ve figured out how to write drafts on my iPad so I can lounge in bed while I write. The serious edits still need a PC, but with drafts, comfort is key!

    2. Part of my comfort is my ability to shut out things around me. That means people must not interrupt me. Thankfully, my wife starts English lessons next week, and I’ll have mornings (at least until I have a job).

      1. You’re lucky! Being home, for me, is a big thing because my job is so exhausting that even when I get back at the end of the day and have a room to myself, I just can’t work up the energy to think, never mind write. But then, when I’m home, I’m never alone…at the very least my husband is always here, so I never really truly get any time to myself.

  2. My office is the patio. It is the only place I can concentrate. I say put the desk under the window, a sofa on the other wall and your rug. Some nice photos on the wall and a comfy arm chair.

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