I Didn’t Want to Leave the Bookstore

Today, while my wife was writing an English assessment test, I walked around downtown Edmonton for a while, and I found myself in a Coles bookstore. I made my way to the science fiction and fantasy section, as I always do in a bookstore. I didn’t want to leave.

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to look around in a bookstore in Canada. What I found was a huge selection of books larger than I have seen in a very long time. There were so many books! The feeling I felt was indescribable. I wanted to look at each individual book, but my time was short. I felt a sense of calm and a very strong desire to read.

How do you feel when you’re in a bookstore? Which section attracts you?

Should an Author Blog?

I just want to throw this question out there for everyone. I assume many of you are bloggers. Some of you are authors. I have seen this question a few times out there, and the opinions tend to be mixed.

Should an author blog?

My answer is yes and no. There are many who say that an author shouldn’t blog because it sucks away too much time. For some people, I agree. They could spend a huge amount of time on their blog. For those people, maybe blogging does take away too much writing time. But I think it depends on the person.

As for me, I enjoy blogging. I do it in my free time and at times in which I cannot concentrate on actual writing. I only spend about fifteen to thirty minutes a day blogging most days. I try getting to the comments every day, but usually end up doing it every three days. That takes around thirty minutes. And I do it with multiple interruptions, family all around, and a TV on. I can’t concentrate on writing my book at those times, so I blog instead. It doesn’t take away from my writing time.

I have a second blog that I’m starting up and a third, as well. The second is a restaurant review blog, and it’ll be updated infrequently. The other is a bird photography blog, and it’s photography. I’ll spend very little time actually writing.

What do you think? Should an author blog? Let me know in the comments below.