I Didn’t Want to Leave the Bookstore

Today, while my wife was writing an English assessment test, I walked around downtown Edmonton for a while, and I found myself in a Coles bookstore. I made my way to the science fiction and fantasy section, as I always do in a bookstore. I didn’t want to leave.

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to look around in a bookstore in Canada. What I found was a huge selection of books larger than I have seen in a very long time. There were so many books! The feeling I felt was indescribable. I wanted to look at each individual book, but my time was short. I felt a sense of calm and a very strong desire to read.

How do you feel when you’re in a bookstore? Which section attracts you?


23 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want to Leave the Bookstore”

  1. Love being in book stores, either stores that carry new or used books. I love fiction, classics, biography, religion, anything at all about Shakespeare. Never found a book store I didn’t love.

    1. Another Shakespeare fan. I want to read it all. I tend to stay in certain sections, not really everywhere in a bookstore. The problem is that there are too many books for me to read in my life.

  2. I absolutely love being in bookstores. Lock me up in one and I’d be in heaven. Inspirational books, autobiographies, travel books, fantasy fiction … you name it I could get lost in there, happily. 🙂

    1. I used to spend a long time in bookstores when I went out to buy books. I haven’t done that much in a few years. But I intend to revive that pastime.

  3. Whenever I’m in the city and I get to go to a Chapters (the big version of Coles), I roam through several different sections. I usually go to Kids first because I love picking up new stories for my daughter and I to read together. Then I’ll usually wander toward the comics/graphic novels because I’ve gotten significantly more into those in recent years. Then I’ll roam through Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy to see if there’s anything that strikes my fancy, and sometimes I’ll take a wander through Young Adult too, because some of the “supernatural” ones can be a real guilty pleasure (some are even surprisingly good!)

    In short, I love bookstores, although I don’t usually leave with as much as I used to. My days have been so busy for such a long time that I don’t read nearly as much as I used to, and I’ve got at least an entire bookshelf worth of books I’ve gotten as presents and never gotten around to reading, so I try not to pick up new stuff in the meantime. lol

    1. I haven’t read most of my books. I need to spend the time reading before I really go shopping for much. I still bought some. But that doesn’t stop me from browsing the books in the bookstore.

  4. Visiting bookstores is one of my favorite things. In Portland we are spoiled by having Powell’s Bookstore. It is an amazing place. When traveling I often find myself roaming around in bookstores and even libraries. Like you, I never want to leave!

    1. Is it a big bookstore?

      I went to the big library downtown Edmonton this week, and I found that they mostly had old books, not new ones. I guess if I want to read new ones, I have to buy them. But that’s fine with me. I prefer to buy than borrow. I don’t always finish them quickly.

      1. Powell’s Bookstore occupies a city block…huge with several levels. It is funky and fun…not a big sterile place. It has new and used books, a cafe…definitely a destination. Another location holds technical books…it is an amazing, second generation family bookstore. They are also on-line, have a smaller second store in Portland and annex at the airport. If you ever visit Portland Oregon, I would strongly suggest a visit!

        1. Well, that’s pretty big. I’ve been in three bookstores in Tokyo that had up to 7 floors. Massive, but the English sections were only one floor. Still fairly impressive for a non-English country.

          1. Interestingly enough, I am sitting in a newly opened Japanese bakery…the baked goods are fantastic. My Japanese student will love this place when she returns in September!
            Sorry to digress but when your response popped up I just had to share!

  5. Yesterday, I did something I thought I’d never do.I went in a book store (ironically enough it was a Coles) with permission to buy and I left with nothing. It’s been so long since I was in a book store that there were too many choices. We were on short time and since I didn’t have the time to properly decide which one I wanted so I didn’t get any. I usually start with the kids section, then to the YA section and then to science fiction section to check out the Terry Brooks books. I did see one that caught my eye and I’m starting to wish I would have have gotten it. Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson.

        1. I read High Druid, too. That was quite a while ago, though. I have to read Genesis, Legends, Dark Legacy, and Defenders. That’s actually a lot.

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