Should an Author Blog?

I just want to throw this question out there for everyone. I assume many of you are bloggers. Some of you are authors. I have seen this question a few times out there, and the opinions tend to be mixed.

Should an author blog?

My answer is yes and no. There are many who say that an author shouldn’t blog because it sucks away too much time. For some people, I agree. They could spend a huge amount of time on their blog. For those people, maybe blogging does take away too much writing time. But I think it depends on the person.

As for me, I enjoy blogging. I do it in my free time and at times in which I cannot concentrate on actual writing. I only spend about fifteen to thirty minutes a day blogging most days. I try getting to the comments every day, but usually end up doing it every three days. That takes around thirty minutes. And I do it with multiple interruptions, family all around, and a TV on. I can’t concentrate on writing my book at those times, so I blog instead. It doesn’t take away from my writing time.

I have a second blog that I’m starting up and a third, as well. The second is a restaurant review blog, and it’ll be updated infrequently. The other is a bird photography blog, and it’s photography. I’ll spend very little time actually writing.

What do you think? Should an author blog? Let me know in the comments below.

27 thoughts on “Should an Author Blog?”

  1. As with most things, if you have the knack for it and want to dedicate a bit of time to it, sure. No need to have a daily entry, but I’d say at least make it consistent and interesting.

    I like to blog, but I’m not someone prolific like Chuck Wendig or John Scalzi who have something to say on a daily basis; I can handle a few days a week at most. And scheduling specific blog entries does bring in more readers, I’ve noticed.

    1. I’ve been able to keep up twice a day, as I said. But it wasn’t always easy. I used to make maybe one post a week. Then I tried once a day, and it really helped bring in more readers. I find that twice a day is even better. I’ve grown used to it, so I’m able to do it with little difficulty.

  2. It’s completely individual and I’d say the time factor comes into it as well. How much time a writer’s prepared to devote to it.

  3. There is no right or wrong answer to this. I personally love blogging and see it as the lighter side to writing, a bit of escapism and my preferred means of social media. Blogging isn’t for everybody, but it is worth giving it a go as the support from the online community is wonderful.

    1. I agree. It’s my preferred form of social media, as well. I use the others, but I spend more time with my blog, and I control how it looks.

  4. I post once a month and often schedule my posts way in advance – and since I write metaphysical posts (not on current events) this works well for me and allows me to spend large chunks of separate time on my novels.

    1. Yeah, depending on what you post about, scheduling is a good way to go. I often write on current events (usually science or in the publishing world), so many are spontaneous for me.

  5. I definitely think that an author should blog, for a number of reasons, but as I recently explained on my own blog I also think that blogging can be a terrible waste of time if it’s keeping you from getting any other kind of writing done. It’s a fine line, and depends on a lot of factors. I’d say, simplified, a writer should WRITE first, and worry about everything else later. If, after doing the actual writing, you still have the time and energy for something like blogging, that’s awesome, but otherwise don’t worry too much about it because in the end it’s the writing that’s most important. 🙂

    1. In my case, I haven’t had the privacy to actually do any writing. Now I will once I have a chair in that room in the basement. Blogging will still go strong, though.

  6. Well it really depends. For me the book writing has come from blog writing which allowed me to improve my writing everyday and to learn and connect to others writing books and learn from their experiences. I think being a blogger gives you a presence which as a writer is a necessary thing to get your writing out there and develop a following 🙂

    1. Right. I’ve gained an audience through blogging, and I assume that some will buy my books (whenever I get them done). I keep trying to expand my reach, too. This blog started out with the intention of reviewing books and talking about my writing. I have another blog that I started in 2009, but it’s completely unrelated to writing.

  7. Blogging is a way for me to get out things I would not be able to say any other way. It does take time from writing, which is my main goal, so at times I will cut back on the blogging, but I see no reason why an author/writer shouldn’t blog if there’s something they want to blog about. Blogging is nice because there are no “threshold guardians” like there are to authorship.

    1. I love the freedom with blogging. Being able to say what I want is great. If I want my blog to gain popularity, I need to stay focused, though. It doesn’t work well if I’m all over the place, which is why I prefer to focus on writing, books, science, and education. They’re all within the same area: knowledge and using your brain.

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