Let’s Share Our Social Media Links

Are you using social media? Well, then why not share them and gain some new followers? It’s been a while since I’ve done this on this blog, so I thought it was time to do it again. Here are my social media links:

Twitter: @jaydeejapan

With 3293 followers at the moment, this has my largest following. More than this blog! But it’s such an easy way to communicate with me. Please follow!

YouTube: Jay Dee Archer

With 55 subscribers, this is probably one of my least followed. I have a lot of very interesting videos to come, especially if you like Japan, books, and sometimes general silliness. Please subscribe!

Facebook: Jay Dee Archer (official author Facebook page)

It has 73 likes, and could definitely use more. If you use Facebook, why not follow me there? I usually do blog updates, but I plan to have more discussions, and it’s an easy way to talk to other followers.

Google Plus: Jay Dee Archer

With 70 followers, though more than 70,000 views, it’s not the most popular social media option, but it does get plenty of views. Please add me to your circles!

LinkedIn: Jay Dee Archer

I have only 48 connections, as this is the social media website I have used the least. However, it is a professional social media website, and I’m trying to establish myself more there. If you’re on LinkedIn, connect with me!

Instagram: @jaydeejapan

With 427 followers, this is probably my third biggest following anywhere. It’s all photos of Japan at the moment, though photos in Canada will come soon. Using Instagram? Follow me!

Patreon: Jay Dee Archer

I just started this, so I have no followers or patrons. It does include a blog, so whether you become a patron or not, you can read public posts that I make. So, please follow! And if you like, become a patron.

Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, leave your social media links. Check other people’s links, as well. Follow people! But also share your blog or website’s address. Follow as many people as you like. And I also ask you to do one more thing: share this post and get the word out. Let’s have a social media sharing party!

19 thoughts on “Let’s Share Our Social Media Links”

  1. I didn’t even know you had all those accounts, so I’ll definitely have to check them out!

    I’m easy to find on most things…as an author I have a Facebook Author Page that can be found by searching “Author Tracey Lynn Tobin”, and I’ve got Twitter and Instagram both @TraceyLynnTobin

    As a YouTube content creature you can find me on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @TraceysBasement

    Plus the blog, of course, although I recently stopped regular posting there in order to focus on fiction writing. 🙂

  2. My blog (North of Andover): http://northofandover.wordpress.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.weaver.9615

    … And Twitter, of course: @weaver2392

    Because he won’t think to post this stuff himself, here are the social media links for my clone-sibling (twin), SF author Paul B. Spence:

    Blog: http://www.paulbspence.com

    Author page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paulbspence

    Twitter: @PaulBSpence

  3. What a great idea! I already followed you on most, but I added the Instagram. Mine are as follows minus Facebook since I don’t have a writer’s page set up there (yet). I’ve been toying with the idea, but haven’t come to a decision.

    WordPress – https://ash1rose.wordpress.com/
    Twitter – @ash1rose
    Google+ (I’ve cut down my usage of this since WP gives me more hits, but…) – http://ramblingsrevelationsandotherthings.blogspot.com/
    Instagram – thequeenofsevens (it’s mostly cat pictures and selfies I’ll warn you)
    tumblr – the-queen-of-sevens (it’s mostly fandom/geeky thing, but I’ll repost reviews and essays there as well)

    1. Thanks! By the way, I taught a girl in Japan when she was in junior high school, and she’s now a cosplayer. She also has an instagram account: loki_graddict if you want to check it out.

      1. Just added her so thanks! I’ve done a little bit of cosplay myself, more planned than accomplished at this point unfortunately. Budget constraints and health issues have a way of gnawing away at dreams, but I’ll get there one day!

        1. Cosplay can be expensive. I’ve walked into a cosplay event in Japan (unintentionally) with a friend of mine and they looked extremely professional. Their costumes were very well done and they all had expensive professional cameras. Not just a hobby.

          1. Oh it is very much do. For Halloween last year I was Rarity Unicorn from My Little Pony, and I spent around $250 on it. It was less because I’d bought makeup prior. My major cosplay project, which o need to start working on, is probably going to be $500, because I’m a a perfectionist abs this has been over a decade in the making.

            1. I had to look up Rarity. My daughter has Twilight Sparkle. She’s just gotten into My Little Pony.

              I know cosplay is expensive. I have to wonder how much my former student spends on it.

            2. My favorite is Fluttershy, but the wings would’ve been too difficult to make. I consider Princesses Celestia or Luna, but the latter has the same issue as Fluttershy. Celestia has white wings, which I could buy, but she has other accoutrements that would be difficult. I’m not good at making things so I rely a lot on Etsy and possibly spend more.

              It might sound odd to say this, but the new MLP is really fantastic even for adults. It’s one of those kids shows with parental bonuses.

            3. I have a friend who is a Brony and not ironically! His favorite is Fluttershy, too. I think Brony is the more negative connotation of it unfortunately. The, er, less wholesome. He happens to be a man who loves My Little Pony. Hopefully the term can be reclaimed. Does your daughter know about the sonic rainboom yet? I’m sure she’d adore that if she loves rainbows!

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