Which Movie Should I Watch on Netflix?

I’ve already asked you about which TV series I should watch first on Netflix (Sherlock and The Walking Dead won that one). Now I want to ask you which movie I should watch first. It’s difficult to choose! So, take a moment and vote in this poll.

Without using spoilers, tell me why I should watch what you voted for in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Which Movie Should I Watch on Netflix?”

  1. Honestly, the last four are where it’s at – well, I never finished Interstellar, but I wanted to. It took us 3 hours to watch 47 minutes of it ebcause we kept getting interrupted, but I wanna finish it soon! Prometheus was interesting and not reall what I expected. Iron Man is Marvel so like how could you not watch it? (Though I’m more of a Captain America person, myself. :D) And the Tron movies are all great.

    1. Interstellar is long! I’m interested in Prometheus because it’s an Alien prequel. And of course, I want to see all the superhero movies. It’s a challenge 🙂 I liked the original Tron.

    And, like…all those other movies too. But seriously, if you’ve never seen The Princess Bride I demand you watch it right now!

  3. The Princess Bride without a doubt. Especially if you’re in the mood of a light hearted laugh. Absolutely love this movie. 🙂

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