Males Are the Minority in Booktube

I’ve spent quite a lot of time searching for new Booktube channels to follow and watch. But the more I search, the more I realise how few male Booktubers there are. It’s dominated by teenage girls and women in their twenties. But there are male Booktubers out there. I talk about that in this video.

I mentioned a couple big male Booktubers, Jesse the Reader and Benjamin of Tomes. But I also mention one of my favourites, Peter Likes Books.

There’s a playlist of male Booktubers compiled by Connor O’Brien. That’s a very useful resource, and hopefully I’ll be on it soon. Check it out and all of these Booktubers. And of course, watch my video!

Let me know what you think on the comments below. If you know of any male Booktubers, also leave a link!


The Sky Right Now

As is typical for Edmonton weather, we have another thunderstorm. The forecast says thunderstorms all day until about 11 pm. This is the sky right now:

Nice, huh? The clouds are behaving like a very slow boil. They’re moving around a bit, but slowly. It’s interesting to look at, but since it’s started raining, it’s hard to see how the clouds really look.

Well, tomorrow is Canada Day, and we’re hoping to see some fireworks. Thankfully, the forecast is good for tomorrow. But it’s the only good day over the next six days. Every other day is expected to be stormy.

It’s a good thing my daughter now says she likes thunderstorms. She’s not afraid during the day.

Ask Me Anything!

I’m thinking of making a video where I talk about myself. Oh, so self-centred, isn’t it? Actually, I don’t intend it to be entirely about me, but any topics related to what I like, how I make videos, how I write, and so on. Ask me anything!

Well, I think that the questions should be clean, of course. But also, try to stick to these topics:

  • Books
  • Making videos
  • Writing
  • Living in Japan
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Hobbies

I think those topics should be good. So, please ask me the questions in the comments below, and in the video, I’ll mention you and your blog name (or if you have a YouTube channel, I’ll also mention it). I’ll also link to it from the video’s description and the blog post I’ll do along with it. Thanks!

Authors I Have Not Read

I love reading, but there are some authors I’ve never read. And some of these authors are very popular, often considered required reading in science fiction and fantasy. Let’s just say there are a lot, but I only chose five authors for this. Again, I made a video about it!

Are you surprised? What authors have you not read before? Let me know in the comments below.

I Get Silly on YouTube

Another vlogger/Booktuber, jessethereader, did a video where you took book titles and tried to say them ten times as quickly as he could. He started off a little trend of people making videos treating titles as tongue twisters. It’s called the Tongue Tied Title Challenge.

Guess what I did? Watch.

Anyone want to try? Go ahead, record a video of yourself and put it on YouTube.

Comments? I look forward to them! Post them below.

Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 42

In this group of photos, we moved on down the coast of Kamakura and into Fujisawa, especially Enoshima. You get to continue enjoying the seaside and island scenery with these ones. But which photos do you like?

The rules are simple. I post 10 of my Instagram photos every few days, and you get to vote on your favourites. It’s multiple choice, so please vote for 2 to 4 photos (3 is ideal). Leave a comment saying why you voted the way you did. The poll comes after the photos.

Here are the photos:

Inamuragasaki cape

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Enoshima and Shichirigahama from Inamuragasaki

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Kamakura coast from Inamuragasaki

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Enoshima condo

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Sexy fountain on Enoshima

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Torii on Enoshima

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Surfboards in a narrow Enoshima alley

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A finger into the ocean

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Rugged Enoshima coast

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Rock arch

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And now the vote. Please vote for your favourite photos (ideally 3, but anywhere between 2 and 4):


I was joking about the sexy fountain. Anyway, I’m very interested in what you think of these photos, so please leave a comment explaining your votes. Thanks!

This Is 10:40 pm

I took this picture tonight. 

Can you believe this is 10:40 pm? Edmonton is at around 53.5 degrees north. That means it’s closer to the Arctic than it is to the tropics. When I lived in Japan, I was at 35.4 degrees north. Sunset was around 7 pm at this time of year. Sunset in Edmonton is 10:06 pm. Too late?

What time does the sun set for you around the summer solstice?