Studying the British Empire

As you may know, I have an interest in history. Understanding history often helps with writing both science fiction and fantasy, as they deal with different times and societies, while also having rich and well-developed histories of their own.

I’m getting back into using FutureLearn, and this week, the course called Empire has begun. It’s about the British Empire. I’m from a country that was part of the British Empire, so I’m expecting something about Canada in this course. But the British Empire was the largest empire in the world at one time. There’s a lot to learn. Below, you can see how much of the world was part of the empire (click to see a larger version).

The_British_Empire_AnachronousThat’s a lot of countries. You can see a strip through Africa, much of south Asia, parts of the Middle East, and plenty of Pacific islands, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the Thirteen Colonies.

Do you know any interesting facts about the British Empire? Share them in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Studying the British Empire”

  1. Cecil Rhodes attempted to construct a railroad from Cairo to Cape Town to link the African colonies (as you pointed out – the strip through Africa)

      1. It would have been a fantastic way to see Africa!

        It’s worth reading more into the Scramble for Africa, it helps (somewhat) to put contemporary African history and politics into perspective.

        1. Absolutely. I’d take a train ride through Africa, as long as it’s comfortable.

          I’m very interested in the history and politics of Africa, because people in many parts of the world don’t know much about it. With so many countries and cultures, it’s definitely fascinating.

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