Authors Answer 83 – Author Quirks

June is the month you get to learn a bit more about the authors. You’re going to find out some interesting facts about them. You see, authors are people, too. They have their quirks, idiosyncrasies, and talents. This week, you’ll learn something unusual about the authors.

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 83 – Can you tell us one quirky fact about yourself?

Allen Tiffany

I scored in the 7th percentile on English GRE. I was not an English or literature undergrad, but I applied to a big state university’s Graduate Creative Writing program. They accepted me based on my publication record to that point, but asked me to take the English GRE “just because”. I agreed, did not study for it and got creamed because so many of the questions were about all the literature most English undergrads have already read. Nonetheless, to the best of my knowledge, I’m one of their more successful writers.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

A quirky fact? Hmm…I don’t know. What is considered quirky? How about the fact that I sometimes sing Disney tunes while I’m alone in the car? Or that I sometimes act out scenes from my stories in the shower to see if they sound right? Or the fact that I collect Funko Pop vinyl figures and I’m rapidly rounding in on having 700 of the little friggers? Those are all fairly quirky, right? lol

H. Anthe Davis

I hate driving and won’t go anywhere new until I’ve thoroughly investigated the route on Google Maps and had a few days to stew on it.  I haven’t driven on a highway since I got my license; I just use surface streets.

S. R. Carrillo

Um, some would argue that I am all quirk, no filler. One really strange thing that I’ll say about myself is that, a lot of times, some of the elements in the stories I write tend to end up becoming reality for me, long after I’ve written it. It’s not really all that cool, seeing as how I write dark, crazy stuff, but maybe that means I should write a happy, healthy story – and try to get that one to stick. 😛

Eric Wood

The only thing quirky I can come up with is that l wear mismatched socks. I really wouldn’t call that quirky though because I’m definitely not the only one.

Paul B. Spence

I programed a computer for the first time when I was five. It used punch cards. Does that count as quirky? How about having broken just about every bone in my body, some more than once?

Jean Davis

Only one quirky thing? Well, the most obvious is that I have bright hair. Currently, it’s pink with blue and purple streaks. I’ve had bright hair since 1986 with only a couple years of attempting to be colorless due to dress code restrictions. Why the rainbow locks? It’s a mojo thing, and really, it’s a great conversation starter.

Elizabeth Rhodes

Hmm, quirky facts. I always have a hard time with these questions because I’m not sure what about me would qualify as quirky. I can pick up objects with my toes, does that count? Or the fact that I still have a baby tooth that refuses to come out to this day?

D. T. Nova

I tried growing “hot-blooded sideburns” once and found out they’re not worth it in real life.

Gregory S. Close

This is either a quirk or just a quirky story, I’m not sure…

I once won a Jeep from a national contest through 7-Up.  It was one of those things where the bottle cap had a prize like “Free 16 oz 7-Up,” or a “Sorry, try again!” message stamped on the inside, so you’d pop open the bottle and then see if you won anything.  I bought a six pack on a Friday (part of a long weekend trip to visit my brother at college and play D&D) and on the last bottle, which I opened the following Monday (after returning to my own school)… Pop!  There it was.  “You Win a Jeep.”

I was really excited.  I didn’t have a car of my own, so this was pretty cool.

As I read the rules to see how I could claim the prize I discovered the contest had ended at midnight the day before.

Because I was young and stupid, I did not contact the contest to see if I could claim the prize anyway, assuming rules were rules.  Later on, I realized they may have awarded the prize anyway.

I won a Jeep that I did not win.  Used up all my good contest luck.

Oh well.

Jay Dee Archer

I guess the quirkiest thing about me is how I used to refuse to wear jeans until high school. I’d always wear sweatpants. I used to think that jeans are too scratchy, and I wanted to be comfortable. When I showed up at school on the first day of high school wearing jeans, a lot of my friends were shocked. I just shrugged it off.

And of course, I like to read encyclopedias for fun!

How about you?

Tell us one quirky thing about you. What’s unusual about you? Let us know in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “Authors Answer 83 – Author Quirks”

  1. Something quirky … something quirky. Hmm. Well, I talk like an anime character. Naturally, I mean. I have a very bubbly, high pitched voice, and I tend to talk very quickly, especially when I’m excited. Which is basically all the time.

    Also, even though I work at Starbucks, I don’t really like coffee. As such, when people comment on my boundless (natural) energy, they always ask me how much coffee I’ve had, and seem startled when I answer, “None.”

    Really, who needs coffee when you’re high on life?

  2. It’s fun to find out unusual stuff. I have soloed in a plane and used to sailboat race with my husband. I lived in Annapolis, which was a requirement there.

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    We’re changing things up a bit this month and answering some different types of questions on Authors Answer. Today we’re talking about our “quirks”. XD

      1. I have a rare eye color? (Only 2 percent of humans have green eyes.) I can sew my own clothes? (Mostly I use this skill for making historical costumes — there’s no place to buy such things “off the peg” for someone my height.) I didn’t even MEET my own twin until we were adults?

        Okay, that last one is odd/”quirky” even by MY standards.

  4. Since I was a kid I’ve always carried a lot of things on my belt. At any and all times I have a flashlight, multi-tool, bit set, EMS gloves, whistle, watch, knive, pen and various other things. It hasn’t always been the same since I was younger, but I always carry these things and I use them every day. When I have to pass through a security scan, I feel like Mad Max in that scene from Thunderdome where he has to dump all his weapons. That’s my quirk.

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