Obvious Mistakes on Signs

Having lived in Japan, I was used to seeing strange English on signs. But here in Canada, it can still happen.

Today, I was in Home Depot, and I saw this sign.

Do you see the mistake? I wonder who wrote that. Gollum? A snake? I often wonder how mistakes like this get past people. Admittedly, I have found mistakes in my blog posts, but mostly because of autocorrect. 
What are some funny mistakes on public signs you’ve seen? Share them in the comments below. 

6 thoughts on “Obvious Mistakes on Signs”

  1. a funny error… now if they had spelled Painter’s with an apostrophe that would offend me… whoever laid out the sign for printing evidently got distracted…they could use a proof-reader too. Technically they should have a hypen in No-Charge, also. JUST KIDDING

      1. arrrggghhh! I think using apostrophes correctly is something we either learn or don’t learn back in grammar class… 🙂 difference in plural or possessive…

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