Week in Review – June 5, 2016

Another week has come and gone, and a lot happened in the last week. Some good and some really not at all good. But I’ve also started focusing on something and have already seen some positive results. Let’s find out what happened.


Nothing at all. I caught a cold and felt so tired most nights that I didn’t feel I could read. I’m at 41% on Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds. I need to get working on this!


Big setback here. We had a sump pump failure in the basement with a bit of flooding. It’s been repaired, but the office will be closed until the flooring is replaced in one corner.


Not unexpected, but I’m still at 0 patrons and $0. I don’t expect much until I’m producing more videos and gaining more subscribers there. Also, once I start writing and getting the new material out, I should start getting some.


I worked on some more Esperanto. I should get back into French, too. That’s my primary focus.


We went swimming at the rec centre, and my daughter loved it. We’ll definitely go again this week.


I have three new videos out this week, but one is only available on my Patreon page. But go check out the public videos on my channel. But the biggest news with the channel is that I’ve started making improvements to the channel, as well as coming changes to the videos themselves. I’ll be using cards and annotations far more often to direct viewers to different things while watching. And video production is going to pick up, especially with Japan-related videos. But I’ll also be Booktubing!

The Blog

I talked a lot about social media again. But you’ve already seen that with the Video section above.


Started a course on the British Empire on FutureLearn, except that I haven’t even looked at it. I guess I should tonight.

The Next Week’s Goals

I’m going to do a lot of work on my YouTube channel this week. I can’t do much about writing until the office is put back together. So, I’ll focus on my other creative outlet, other than this blog. Thinking about collaborations for YouTube, actually. Got something in mind, but I need to talk to the people I’d like to collaborate with. Keeping it bookish, actually.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below.

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