WordPress Now Difficult to Use With Firefox

Firefox has been increasingly difficult for me to use in the past few months. I am constantly getting errors saying Firefox cannot run scripts. So, today, as I’m trying to look at my WordPress stats, I got this:


Unresponsive script. It’s not only made the script unresponsive, but made Firefox unresponsive.

I’ve now switched to Chrome, which I’m using to post this.

Anyone else have issues with Firefox? Let me know in the comments below.

26 thoughts on “WordPress Now Difficult to Use With Firefox”

  1. I have too. I haven’t had issues with WordPress (which might just be because I haven’t really been using it), but whenever I try to read an article on Cracked.com I end up getting those same errors and they just keep popping up over and over again and I can’t stop it without forcing a stop on the whole program. :\

    1. Sounds similar to my problem. I find that I have that problem with websites like Cracked.com. From all the comments I’ve read, this is a very common problem with Firefox.

    1. It’s all I’m using now for WordPress. I’m still using Firefox for many things, but mostly I don’t have Chrome set up to log in to everything.

  2. thanks for this heads up, I have decided not to use Firefox anymore…period. that browser keeps blocking every site I go to and it’s pathetically annoying.

    1. Mine hasn’t been blocking anything. Probably the settings. But it just won’t work for some sites because of the multiple javascript errors. Very irritating.

    1. I liked Firefox when I started using it. It was fast, it worked very well. It’s been getting bigger and bigger over the years. But the main reason I liked Firefox is because it was by Mozilla. I was a Netscape user way back in the mid 90s.

  3. Me too, and I was going to try to see of there was a fix but now I think I will follow your lead and give up on Firefox altogether. I like supporting the smaller companies but their stuff has to work! 🙂

    1. Yeah, it needs to work. I’ve heard it’s an issue with old, incompatible javascript extensions that people have installed in Firefox, but I have none installed!

      1. Oddly enough, two days after I wrote my comment, Firefox was updated and hey presto! – WordPress worked again! I think I might go back to pen, paper and carrier pigeon! 🙂

  4. I’ve been using Chrome for a long while now. No issues. I used Firefox today at school and it was so slow and unresponsive I had to force stop it (good old ctrl alt del).

        1. I’m having trouble starting Chrome now. I click on it and nothing happens. That’s getting irritating. But now Firefox seems to be working with WordPress again. No idea what’s going on.

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