The Kindergarten Follow-Up

We went, we played, we cried. Well, my daughter cried.

So, everything went well at my daughter’s school at first. She tried playing with a lot of toys. Amazing how she just picks something up and starts playing with it. About halfway in, the kids went to the library where the kindergarten teachers did story time. The parents went back to the kindergarten classroom to listen to the Principal talk. Nothing new, but some parents asked questions. That’s when it happened.

The kindergarten teacher brought our daughter to us. She was crying. Why? Because we were gone. She had no idea that we’d left her there without us. Well, the meeting was over anyway, and it was time to leave. But she didn’t want to go. She cried again, saying she wanted to keep playing. I explained to her that everyone is going home, so we can’t stay. She was angry.

Hopefully, when school starts, she won’t be crying when it’s time to go home.


15 thoughts on “The Kindergarten Follow-Up”

  1. mixed emotions about monumental occasions in our lives are normal…first day of school, last day of school, wedding…its all so final, learning how life works. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. we took my youngest granddaughter to Disney World when she was about three…every time she got into the fun we dragged her off to do something else. They had one of those huge rope-net climbing playhouse things and she went all the way to the top and her Mom had to crawl up there and get her.

          1. it wasn’t that my granddaughter couldn’t get back down…it was that she refused to climb down because she didn’t want to have to move on to the next attraction.

            1. all kids are like that at times…that’s what they do! Gina was three, and she was having a great time up in the ship-rigging play place…and it was like the third time she had been having real fun at a place and got dragged away to have fun some place else. She didn’t care about the rest of Disney World. ๐Ÿ™‚

            2. Took my daughter to an indoor playground today, and she didn’t want to leave, even though they were closing it. She’s getting better at listening, though.

            3. when the same girl was about seven we went to Niagara Falls. She insisted on running out into the parking lot where I couldn’t see her…scared me to death! … and I scolded her for it. She then said “Niagara Falls is the most BORING place I’ve ever been.”

            4. I know kids definitely aren’t interested in the same things as adults. Niagara Falls isn’t exactly a place that has a lot for kids, is it?

            5. Speaking of amusement parks, we went to the Canada Day celebrations which featured a carnival with many rides. My daughter was very impatient at times.

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