How Do You Pronounce That?

Have you ever read a book, encountered a word you’ve seen many times and know the definition of, yet you’ve never heard it spoken aloud? This was asked at the Grammarly website here.

Has this ever happened to you? I have a good example of this.

I’d read the word paradigm many times. Basically, it means a model or a pattern. You can read the definition here. But I’d never heard someone read this word out. I’d heard the word spoken before, but I never connected the two. When I saw the word, I always thought, “That’s such a stupid sounding word… para-diggum.”

There are plenty of other words. Hyperbole? Is that a football game? The Hyper Bowl? Or the character Hermione from Harry Potter. Hermy-own? I know how these are actually pronounced, so no problem with those for me. But there are many who don’t know how to say them.

What are some words you knew in printed form, but had/have no idea how to pronounce? Share them in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “How Do You Pronounce That?”

  1. I pronounced Hermione wrong for a little until my sister corrected me. But I also pronounced “misled” as MY-seld for an embarrassingly long time…haha.

  2. Homage. I see it written all the time and almost never hear it said, and apparently more than one pronunciation is correct anyway.

    As far as names got, I’ve got a recursive case with “Ryu”. I’m probably one of the few English-speaking people who pronounced as one syllable first…until the first time I talked about Street Fighter with a friend who insisted it was “RYE-oo”…and since he also called Guile “Gully” I really have no excuse for listening to him. Then I found out they way I pronounced it first had been right (or at least a lot closer) all along.

    1. I find so many people can’t pronounce Ryu correctly. It’s Japanese, and it’s a sound that doesn’t really exist in English. I can pronounce it. I better be able to, since I lived in Japan for 11 years.

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