I Got a Windows Support Call

It happened. It finally happened. Someone with a south Asian accent, named John called me from “Microsoft Headquarters” and told me that my computer had some problems on it. I was actually excited at this point. I asked him to specify which computer it was. He asked if they were on a network, and I said one was at the moment. He had me go to it and asked me if it was running slow or freezing. I told him it was fine. And then he asked me to locate the Windows key and click it and R together. This is where it gets fun.

He said, “R as in Romeo.” That’s my sister’s dog’s name. I told him, “Oh, Romeo?” He answered, “Yes, Romeo. Do you see the Run window?” I answered, “No, I see Juliet.” He then repeats, “No, is there a Run window?” I just played dumb, saying, “Rambo?” He said, “No, Run!” But I responded, “I see Sylvester Stallone.” At this point, I was just giving random answers.

The last answer I gave to him was, “I see a monkey.” And his response? “You are the monkey.” I was ready to laugh at him. I then said, “Okay, I know this is a scam. But thanks for calling. It was fun.” He hung up after that.

After a quick search, I read that if I let this go on longer, he’d have me download a file, which would probably install malware or spyware or something. But one guy said that he told the scammer that his anti-virus kept deleting the files. The scammer asked him to go to Wal-Mart and send a Moneygram to someone in Bangladesh to buy software that would fix the “problem.” You can read the entire story here, as well as some other experiences.

I should mention that they called twice today, two hours apart. The first time, the guy hung up when I said, “Excuse me?”

For anyone who gets a call from Microsoft, it’s not Microsoft. They won’t call customers about viruses or problems.

If they call again, I’ll have to consider some other things to say:

  • I don’t have a computer.
  • I have a Mac.
  • I run Linux.
  • He has contact CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), which is the Canadian version of the CIA.
  • He has contacted the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (my lack of Bengali skills may give this away as a lie).
  • He has contacted the Oval Office of the White House.
  • He has contacted Bill Gates.

Which do you think is best? And have you experienced this call before? Let me know in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “I Got a Windows Support Call”

  1. Good to toy with them 🙂
    Sadly I know two older people who got suckered into it and it cost them over £300 pounds between them. It’s one of the more clever ones because to people who know zip about PC’s it seems somewhat logical.
    I also love the idea of Microsoft personally calling everyone with a pc, just to make sure everything is ok.

  2. ha ha! funny responses back. I’ve watched one version of this scam unfold on a youtube vid. they get you to run a file which allows them to remotely access your computer. then they will delete files while you watch which will totally screw up your system.

  3. I had fun with them, too. They called me last year and I must have had him on the phone for a good 20 minutes. He gave me a code for my computer (an alphanumeric string of about 20 letters/numbers). At the end of this talk of viruses and fixing it I said, “That’s weird. I have a Mac.” There wasn’t another word. He instantly hung up.

      1. I always have to laugh at these calls. As if Microsoft cares if I get virus. You’ll have a hard time just getting though to Microsoft help let alone them calling you. So it’s always fun to give them a run around and annoy them.

        1. Yes, it is. But if it was something like a survey, I would answer the questions. I used to do that as a job, and know what it’s like to have people to scream at me and hang up.

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