Why Can’t I Read Every Book I Want?

If you look on Goodreads, and check out my to read list, you’ll notice that I have 923 books listed. At the pace I’ve been reading, it’ll take me forty-six years to read all of them. But for many of them, they’re only the first books of series I want to read. That means the number of books is easily three to four times as big. My life won’t be that long.

I’ve noticed some people, including authors, can read up to 300 books a year. I’d really like to know how they do that! How many hours do they read every day? How do they find the time to do that?

I know I’ve been slacking off in my reading recently. I really should just try go somewhere in the house where I can be by myself and read. But that’s difficult to do. I could easily read an hour or two a day. I remember when I was in university, I read four or five hours a day for a while. I burned through the books quickly. But this was during summer when I had no classes, and all I was doing was working. I’d like to get through my books quickly. I want to read at least fifty books a year.

How many books do you read a year? How many hours do you read every day? Let me know in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Read Every Book I Want?”

  1. I just briefly looked at your to-read list and added yet another book to mine (I also added you as a friend if you don’t mind). I have around 500 on my to-read list and around 50 on my to-reread list.

    i have absolutely no idea how anyone let alone a writer reads 100-300 books a year. I’ve finished five books so far this year, and a couple of them were started last year. I’m still reading ones I started last year and hoping for the best. I’ve found that adding reading to my day planner helps a lot. I don’t really measure hours, but rather attempt to read a chapter or up to a chapter break. I make it a point to read a little every day even it’s only a page.

    My guess is people who read that many books in a year are speed readers, can read during work, don’t work (not a judgement just a speculation), or a combination. Since I started my State of the Reader post, I’ve noticed I read/finish more books since I have something to answer to. I tend to work better when I force myself into progress.

    1. I’ve only read 2 books this year! Patrick Rothfuss reads around 300 a year.

      I’ve been making myself go somewhere in the house where people aren’t near me and read for half an hour. I did last night in the dining room, and earlier today, too. Read about 25 pages.

      1. I have NO idea how anyone let alone an author reads 50 let alone 300 books a year. I spent the past six months doing nothing but finishing up my WIP and neglecting all else. I actually just added a book I saw you were reading on Goodreads. I don’t recall what it was, but it’s now on my list. I just finished my 6th book this year, and I’ve decided (I think) that I’m finishing my 7th. I’ve read up to Book XII of Paradise Lost, and I’m calling it quits. I’ve gotten enough of the narrative down to (eventually) write about it. Speaking of Rothfuss, I think one of my next books is going to be The Slow Regard of Silent Things, which is extremely short. I can probably read that in one sitting and therefore up my book count. I have a 20 book goal this year that I hope I make.

          1. It’s 160 so very short. At that pace you could read it in two days. I did read The Light of the Fireflies in less than a week and that was around 360 page, but it really depends on what I’m involved with at the time and how engaging the book is. I like Slow Regard; it has a windy whimsical tone that I often enjoy, plus it’s insight into a sort of mysterious character in the trilogy as a whole.

            1. That would be pretty quick to read. Sometimes, I like short books. I should read more. Then maybe i could make my yearly reading goal.

    1. Yeah. I have to imagine that many are shorter. One person who made a video about this said she read 187 books one year, but many were graphic novels. That made sense.

    1. I’m not working full time, either. I do some freelance work at the moment, but I have the time to write and read. Unfortunately, I’m around people constantly and have no privacy.

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