Week in Review – June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day! And also, this is my 7th anniversary on WordPress! This blog was started in 2012, but my first blog, Jay Dee in Japan, was started in June 2009. I rarely update it these days, though. Anyway, a lot has happened in the past week, and it’s mostly on YouTube. Let’s find out what happened.


I actually read something! I’m now at 42% in Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds. Expect more reading soon.


Again, I haven’t been able to do much. No quiet place for me to write.


Again, nothing to report. I doubt much will happen until my YouTube channel really takes off or I have new writing to show you.


A little Esperanto studied. But I didn’t get much done.


Our final box has arrived! Finally!


I’m on fire! Five videos in one week! Four are for Booktubing and one is for Japan. I suggest you go to my channel and check them out. Also, the number of subscribers has increased quite a bit in the past week. I’m pretty pleased with that. And I’m curious to see where I’ll be at the end of the month.

The Blog

I keep blogging away, of course. Have to remind myself that I have four reviews to write. That’s three books and one TV episode. The TV episode is going to be an impression, rather than a full review.


I have to stop adding courses unless I’m going to be able to spend the time to focus on them.

The Next Week’s Goals

It’s going to be another big week on YouTube, I think. I’m aiming for at least five videos. I think I’ll also aim to have a review or two done. Need to catch up. Also, there is a page I need to work on. It’s the Authors Answer Index, which as the list of questions and links to the answers. Must get up to date.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Week in Review – June 19, 2016”

  1. You’ve been busy. I’ve had another getaway in the past week up in the mountains, my daughter finally got her license and I have another article accepted by a magazine so feeling pretty pleased. Have a good week ahead Jay Dee.

    1. I’m applying for a volunteer job at a new publication. I think it’ll be an article a week, but if it becomes popular, then it becomes a paid position. Hopefully it happens!

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