Am I Privileged?

Having lived in two countries, I can definitely tell you that my level of “privilege” is different in each country. Here in Canada, I’m part of the majority. I’m white. I’m what people would consider privileged, a white male in a rich country, married, have a kid, and a university degree. I haven’t been discriminated against in Canada.

In Japan, I have been discriminated against. A couple times, actually. I was in the minority there, so I know what it feels like to be treated differently because of my race. I was sometimes a novelty to some people.

What’s interesting is that foreigners aren’t treated differently in Canada, because people are used to them, and there are so many. Canada is an immigrant country. In Japan, there are many people who have seen tourists, but rarely interact with them, especially in the countryside. I’ve been talked about by children who stare and are surprised that there’s a foreigner near them. But of course, I did get an advantage that many Japanese people didn’t. I was treated better in some cases by the companies I worked for, because I was the product.

I took a Buzzfeed test about privilege. I find Buzzfeed mostly stupid, but I took it anyway. My privilege score was 56 out of 100. How about you?

Facebook Booktubers Group Is Now Live!

I’ve started the Booktubers Facebook group! It’s a closed group for now, so you need to request to join. To join, you should be one of the following:

  1. A Booktuber
  2. Someone interested in becoming a Booktuber
  3. A book lover who loves to watch Booktube videos

It’s a place where we can share our videos, talk about making videos (tips and tricks), and talk about books! Self-promotion is welcome and encouraged. The whole purpose is to share our videos, channels, and discuss books.

Here’s the video I made announcing the group on YouTube.

So, who’s interested in joining? Come and have some fun with us!