Elite Book Bloggers

I don’t know why I never thought about this before, but it just popped into my mind now. I never really paid any attention to who would be considered an elite book blogger. Every book blog I’ve read, I just thought they’re another blogger like me. No more or less popular.

But what is an elite book blogger? I would assume they blogged regularly, probably write a lot of book reviews, and have a pretty good following. I would also think they’d get a lot of comments. If they’re a reviewer, they probably get offers of advanced review copies from publishers, as well. I’ve never had one of those myself. But then, I’m not a very fast reader and don’t get many reviews done quickly.

I’d like your opinions. Which blogs do think of as being some of the top book blogs around? Let me know what they are in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Elite Book Bloggers”

  1. The only one that pops into my head is The Caffeinated Book reviewer. Hm. Broke and Bookish, but they’re more known for their TTT meme than anything, I think. There’s one more teasing at my brain but I can’t think of it. I tend to think of the Elites as the niche/different ones. Seems like everyone and their mother reviews YA stuff right now, so any time I find something different, I take notice.

  2. It is an interesting way to look at it… Recently I’ve read several discussions on the idea of “elite” book bloggers… Apparently some people are concerned that their blog isn’t “successful” if they don’t put out a review every week, receive ARCs, have 1,000 followers, and get 100 comments every post. You’re right, I never thought of it like that, either. But it should be most about what the individual wants to achieve with their blog.

  3. I think what makes you a successful book blogger is what blogging does for you personally. Forget the numbers, and arcs, comments which are all nice, but your blog should be your happy place.

    1. I agree. Though I like looking at the numbers. I’m just a bit of a stats geek. I just find it fun for myself. I have a great group of commenters, so I think that’s what makes me enjoy this so much.

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