The Obligatory Brexit Post

I don’t think I can let this weekend pass without mentioning the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. I know a lot of my readers are from the UK, so you may find this interesting, or you might not. I’ll be brief, anyway.

From what I’ve gathered about what I’ve heard in media, there are some people who voted Leave, but then regretted that decision because they thought their votes wouldn’t matter. They voted Leave for the hell of it. And now three million people have petitioned to have a do-over.

Scotland, which voted to Stay, now wants to leave the UK. The Scottish are furious. Same with Northern Ireland, though I hear it’s a more complicated situation.

And now prices are going up, since the British pound had an incredibly large drop. Things are going to be expensive for people in the UK for a while.

And then there are the lawmakers who campaigned for the UK’s exit from the EU. They have no plan. They have no idea what they’re going to do. Smart. Really smart.

Over here in Canada, we’re watching both the US with the supreme idiot Trump and the UK. Two of our biggest allies and friends are going insane. At least that’s what many people are thinking.

So, British readers, what the hell is going on over there? Let me know in the comments so I can understand the view from someone who’s living through this.

22 thoughts on “The Obligatory Brexit Post”

    1. Yeah, so many uninformed people voting on something they don’t understand. That’s what happened. There are a lot of people who are now regretting that they voted “leave.”

  1. Jay, I really don’t know and I can’t explain what’s happening. I live in the UK (in the Black Country) and, frankly, I’m frightened.

    Last night, we played the board game ‘Eldritch Horror’. We were up against Cthulhu as the GOO. We failed; Cthulhu woke and madness and death spread across the world.

    Maybe that’s what’s happening in reality.

    1. So many crazy things happening these days. I guess it’s always happened, though. The internet has just made it easier for us to know about everything that’s happening.

  2. It’s even much crazier than it first appears… here is my understanding of matters, in a nutshell:

    British people voted to leave the UK for three main reasons:

    To stop immigration
    To not pay any more money to the EU
    To not be told what to do by other European states


    Norway and Switzerland, who are not EU members and who were, during the pro-Brexit campaign, cited as “models” of healthy European economies that are not part of the EU, still have to pay into the EU, and just as much (per capita) as do EU member states in order to have access to the EU market.

    In order to keep trading with the EU, the UK will still have to adopt/adhere to EU regulations.

    And with regards to immigration, Switzerland tried and failed to curb immigration from the EU, because the EU insisted on Switzerland keeping its borders open in order not to lose its market privileges.

    Upshot: Britain will still have to pay into the EU, adopt at least some of its laws and let EU citizens in to live and work in the UK. The only main difference will be that it will no longer have a vote itself on how the EU is run.

    And, as you have already pointed out, there is a very real possibility of the UK breaking apart over this if Scotland repeats its independence referendum and Northern Ireland calls its own.

    Meanwhile, the 48% of British people who voted to remain in the EU are pissed as hell at the other half who voted seemingly without knowing what they voted for or why.

  3. We’ll end up with BoJo in Number 10 and Trump in the White House. They’ve triggered the end of days and Buffy isn’t around to save us 😦

    On a more serious note, Leave campaigned with “facts” that the UK Statistics Board stated were untrue. They successfully cast the EU as a scapegoat for decades-poor UK Gov management and UKIP especially preyed on xenophobia and racism, which have now entitled some to act appallingly.
    Just take a look at @PostRefRacism for concrete examples of this. The fracturing and insularity is already happening.
    At this rate not only will no one want to trade with us, no one will want to visit the UK anymore either.
    Who wants to be yelled at to go home while enjoying the sights of the UK?
    Everything that made me proud to be British – diversity, tolerance, openness, acceptance of others, coming to the aid of the less fortunate – is being threatened.

    I am no expert of course, and luckily (or unluckily) I am watching all of this from overseas. I hope I’m wrong, I hope Britain will stand together and make this work. I hope the storm will blow over and love will win.
    But my fear is that Britain is harbouring the next Nazis, and Nigel Farage is the next Hitler. Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave!
    Time will tell. We can only wait and see, and in the meantime Keep Calm and Carry On.

      1. Yes but, have you seen the alternatives?? Gove is just gormless! He ruined the UK education system even more! Eurgh, shudder. And Theresa May was the reason for that awful handling of passports two years ago – they took 2 months to get me a new passport. Two months!! If she refuses to trigger Article 50 though, I will say I like her and be a fan! British politics is way more exciting than Netflix right now, but I fear what Britain is becoming. There’s been a 57% increase in racist attacks since the result. That’s just one week!

            1. I like him, but the conservatives over here are always trying to use some meme to say he’s a terrible person. But that’s politics for you!

  4. It got to a point on Friday where I couldn’t bear to look at social media anymore because about 95% of my friends thought the result was a terrible one and plagues, locusts, fire raining from the sky, etc were imminent. (It also made me wonder just where the 51.9% were hiding.)

    It wasn’t the result I wanted, and I am worried for the future, particularly for the science and conservation policies which benefitted from the EU. But ultimately, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the long run. The impression I get is that people just wanted change, perhaps without knowing or caring just what form that change would take.

  5. It’s not pleasant to be in the UK at the moment. I realise that I live in a bit of a self-perpetuating bubble because me and all my friends were in the 48% that vote remain, but just watching the news it’s like everything is crashing down around us – pound at the lowest it’s been for 30 years, our economy is fluctuating wildly, credit rating down, Cameron (the PM) is resigning which is going to cause a race in the tory party, meanwhile the labour party has descending into infighting and the entire shadow cabinet seems to be resigning in quick succession…

    To me it still feels too new, and too raw to deal with properly. I know that some people did have legitimate reasons for voting the way they did, but given the almighty backpeddling some people seem to be doing (I didn’t think my vote would count, you mean they were lying to us, oh you weren’t just scaremongering. etc.) and the amount of racism that seems to be going on since Thursday, I’m exceedingly sadden by what this country seems to be falling into, and scared by what might be coming in the future.

    It isn’t the end of days, and intellectually I know that we will be able to find something out of this whole situation, but it’s really lousy to be living in it right now.

      1. Incidents of racism are up 57% by some estimates. And that’s just the incidents which are being reported to the police. I think it’s a lot worse in some areas than others, but yeah, there has been a massive increase in racist incidents, harassment and general unpleasantness.
        On the other hand, there’s a scheme, a little like the ‘Ride with me’ one where people wear a safety pin, and people who might be affected by this stuff can go to them as a safety net. So not everything that is going on is bad though.

        1. It’s good to hear some people are trying to help out. I still can’t believe what’s happening. It’s unusual that a country like the UK can become so xenophobic so suddenly.

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