This Is 10:40 pm

I took this picture tonight. 

Can you believe this is 10:40 pm? Edmonton is at around 53.5 degrees north. That means it’s closer to the Arctic than it is to the tropics. When I lived in Japan, I was at 35.4 degrees north. Sunset was around 7 pm at this time of year. Sunset in Edmonton is 10:06 pm. Too late?

What time does the sun set for you around the summer solstice?

13 thoughts on “This Is 10:40 pm”

  1. We’ll still see a glimmer of light on the horizon as late as 9:30; it’s so surreal, because 9:00 used to be my bedtime as a little girl. I’m in eastern PA so more north than south, but not too far north.

    1. I used to live even farther north and west in the time zone when I was a kid. Sunset was at nearly 11 pm, and going to bed when the sun was up always had me wondering why I had to go to bed. It’s not night time!

        1. When I was in my first year of university, I went to class in the morning at sunrise, then went home after sunset. I was inside most of the time and rarely saw the sun.

            1. Yeah, it is. In February, there’s a break from classes called reading week. It’s actually timed like that because late February has the highest suicide rate due to seasonal affective disorder.

            2. Yeah, though people don’t normally talk about that. Unfortunately, some profs like to assign a lot of homework during that break, completely defeating the purpose.

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