I wish I could just lie down in this field, minus the insects. 

Having one of those days. I’ll be fine, but feeling like I need to be outside in some park with a book, just to take my mind off a couple things. But I’ll leave it at that. Not going to give any details. 

A hug from my daughter would be great, too. 


13 thoughts on “Argh”

  1. Jay Dee, we all have bad days, but hugs never go amiss. Always better from someone who loves you, but a stranger will do. Keep having good days, love and peace with wishes for lots of hugs xoxo Dave

          1. So sorry to hear about your mam, I hope those scoundrels are caught and languish in prison for a long time. Unfortunately the ones who do get caught usually make a deal and don’t do hard time. Love and my best wishes to you and your mam xo

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