Pokemon Go Is Tempting

I’m not a Pokemon fan. But seeing how so many of my adult friends are now playing it, I’m quite surprised it’s become so popular with the older demographic.

The pros: It gets you outside, it makes you walk, and you get exercise.

The cons: You could walk into traffic, you could fall off a cliff, you could wander into Area 51.

I see the appeal of the game. I’ve tried Ingress, which is actually made by the same company as Pokemon Go, Niantic. I played Ingress quite a bit in Japan, but just got it on my new phone in Canada. There are no portals near the house. I’d have to walk at least 600 metres to get to one. I should try add some.

Like Ingress, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game. You see something other people don’t. You have a mission, and you’re playing against or with other people. In Ingress, there are two factions, and it’s a war between the two. I’m one of the Enlightened, by the way. In Pokemon Go, I believe you have to choose a team, and you walk around to capture Pokemon, and you can battle in gyms. I’ve heard that some of the gyms have been inadvertently placed inside actual churches. Or are they trying to get people to go to church? I don’t know.

But it’s very tempting. The game isn’t available in Canada yet, though. Anyone want to play? Let me know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Is Tempting”

  1. I’ve heard that Pokestops and Gyms are based on portals in Ingress, but not sure how true that is.

    But I don’t understand how all these people are getting hurt playing the game. It’s not hard to play and pay attention to your surroundings. Hold the phone in your hand and walk. It vibrates when there’s a Pokemon nearby so you don’t have to keep staring at the screen constantly. Don’t play while driving. Don’t walk into the road. Common sense stuff.

    Also the Gyms have a pretty decent radius so unless you’re near a megachurch you can make use of a gym without actually going inside. That is, when the GPS cooperates with you. I’ve been right next to a nearby gym (which was a fountain) and it kept telling me the gym was too far away.

    1. I’ve had little problem with GPS here. But unfortunately, the Ingress portals are too far from my home for me to go to them often. And Niantic has suspended new portal submissions until they get through their backlog. I want new portals!

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