Pokemon GO Available in Canada

It finally arrived! Pokemon GO is now available in Canada after a bit of waiting. And what did I do?

Yup. Charmander is my first Pokemon. Unfortunately, there are very few Pokestops nearby, so I have to walk a bit to get more pokeballs.

Hi, I’m 39 and have started playing Pokemon GO.

Who else is giving this game a try?

6 thoughts on “Pokemon GO Available in Canada”

  1. I was talking to parent today at my son’s baseball practice and he (37ish) and his son (9) were going out “walking” after practice. He plays but uses his son as a cover up 🙂 (and he wasn’t the only parent talking about playing.

    1. Ever since, I’ve seen a lot of adults walking around, including a middle-aged mother with her daughter and 50-something man with his teenage daughter playing.

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