I Am a Writer

I decided to talk a bit about my writing on YouTube. Watch the video below.

There are a couple places I mentioned that you can read my writing. Here they are:

Journey to Ariadne is available on my official website.

Ariadne stories from A to Z is available here.

Expect more in the future. I’d like to work on some editing, then I can get more parts of Journey to Ariadne online. I already have three more parts written, but they have not been critiqued.

Comments are always welcome!

15 thoughts on “I Am a Writer”

        1. I feel far too sleepy in the early morning. My wife gets up early, and so does my sister. I can’t really do anything around then. I tend to have more privacy late at night, but by then, I’m too tired. What I need is a quiet room I can write in in the evening. That room is going to be available to me eventually. Just need basement renovation to be done.

          1. Definitely understood. I only have my husband to worry about, and he doesn’t get up until around 7:15 or so, which gives me about an hour to write if I get to it by 6. I figured I’d give it a try. Granted I’m sleepy and cranky as a toddler right now lol, but I got my two hours of editing in this morning, and it was surprisingly productive.

            Hope you get your private room soon!

            1. Me too! But I’m able to work on videos far more than writing. Earphones help with that, but I can’t use earphones while writing.

            2. I’ve heard people say this before. I like certain songs for particular scenes, but I have a specific playlist of ambient and ethereal songs. Though if I REALLY need to concentrate, I do turn it down.

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