Pokemon WENT

My wife and I went for a long walk last night and today, and we collected Pokemon. Unfortunately, servers were unstable today, so we had some downtime. However, I was able to catch some good ones. I got a lot of Pidgeys, Ratattas, and Weedles, but I was able to do some evolving and powering up. I had several eggs hatch and I caught some decent strength Pokemon. I also made it to level 9. Here is my full collection. Keep in mind that I caught far more than these, but I sent a lot to the Professor so I could get candy to upgrade some Pokemon. And we probably walked well over 10 km.

And that is my collection. I still haven’t seen a Pikachu, though. I want to evolve both of my Eevees.

Do you have any good Pokemon? And are you an adult? Let me know in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Pokemon WENT”

    1. Yup. But only when I go out. Actually, I haven’t played it much in the last couple days, even though I’ve been out a lot. Driving, not walking. I don’t play while driving.

  1. I’m 20 and I grew up with Pokemon – I love this game! I don’t think I’ve exercised this much since we had compulsory PE lessons in school and I feel so good for it. I’m currently level 8 and around 500 xp from level 9 with a fair few Pokemon over 200 cp (Oddish, Psyduck, Fearow, Lickitung, Jynx and a 511 cp Hypno)!

    For your Eevees, I recommend finding the hints about changing their names to get the Eeveelution that you want – if you haven’t come across them already!

    1. I’ve found the hints for my Eevees. I’m only 1 Eevee candy away from being able to evolve one of them. Hopefully, I find one soon.

      I’m now level 11, and my top Pokemon is a 550 CP Pidgeot.

  2. I’m 25 and it’s not too much of an overstatement to say I have been waiting for this game my whole life. And thankfully, the servers seem to be picking up in reliability!
    I’ve caught nearly half the Pokedex and reached level 19. I’m quite proud of my Dratini’s (6 so far, come on Dragonair!) Ponyta, Starmie, Wartortle and Vulpix. Do still need a Growlithe however.
    I really do love this game, I get to go out walking of an evening and constantly bump into other people playing the game and we just start talking. There’s there’s Pokestop’s at the castle so people just lure them constantly, sit there, catch all the Pokemon and chat. Usually a good thirty or so people doing that on any given evening, and most of those people are over 20!

    1. My sister caught a Growlithe the other day. I’m about to evolve one of my Eevees, too. Going for Flareon, since I’m in Team Red. But I’ll get the other evolved forms, too. I have a Ponyta and Starmie, but none of the others you’ve mentioned. Last one I caught was a Psyduck the other night.

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