Keeping Myself Motivated

Summer is here, and I’ve been going outside a lot. Even more now because of Pokemon Go. That game motivates me to go out. However, there are other things I want to be more motivated on.


I think I have the motivation, just not the privacy. I’m actually writing this blog post in the basement, where I have privacy for now. I just did an assessment for a job application, so I needed the privacy. No one is interrupting me! That’s what I need.


Honestly, while the videos don’t take much time to shoot and edit, it’s getting myself to appear more outgoing on camera where I lack motivation. Maybe I feel too self-conscious. I see others who are very animated, but I’m not an animated speaker. I’m the kind of person who’s always been calm and always hid my stronger emotions. Maybe I should drink alcohol before making videos. That usually loosens me up!


Ever since I’ve started doing the videos, I’ve lacked the motivation to write longer, well-thought out blog posts. The video has been my blog post in many cases. I need to get back to my old blog series, like Quick Facts and the Worldbuilding posts. I’ve been losing motivation for my Instagram polls, as well. Even though the quality of the photos are improving, I’ve been getting fewer and fewer votes recently. Maybe it’s summer. Maybe I should wait until September to continue with them.

Anyone else lacking motivation recently? What do you do to motivate yourself at times like this? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Myself Motivated”

  1. This is going to sound really dumb, and I know it. But I love to write first thing in the morning. There is silence, and I can stay in my room to write before everyone wakes up and I have to start working on the house.
    But I’m kind a night owl, and I stay up late working too. Now I can’t wake up early and this really annoys me!
    This, specially, wasn’t a good day. I feel like I’m in a block!

    1. Being a night owl, I don’t like sleeping early, so I don’t like getting up early. Most jobs I’ve had required me to work into the late evening, anyway, so that was fine by me!

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