12 thoughts on “Pokemon Exercise”

  1. yes, it does sound like a good thing, get people walking. as walking is the best form of exercise anyone can take. in the old days people take a walk for fun. the after dinner walk, or they do a promenade up and down or round the village square meeting and chatting with people. not any more so anything to make people walk is good.

    1. Closest thing to a village square around here is a playground. But the thing is, a lot of people do go there. However, it’s usually a large group of Sikh men who sit at picnic tables chatting. All the parents of kids just sit and watch their kids, not talking to each other.

      1. you are in edmonton, aren’t you? i thought the mall would be the place to walk about, or even do the daily run! seeing it has airconditioning. so perhaps people meet others there too. do the malls provide seating on the walkways? or do they force people to go to the eating places and cafes if they want to sit?

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