25 Facts About Me

Time to tell you a bit more about myself. Here are 25 random facts about myself. I did this in video form. Enjoy!

Yes, and Marmite. Watch to see what that means. If you want to see about my 25 bookish facts, then go to this post.

If you have any comments, please let me know in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “25 Facts About Me”

    1. Yeast extract. It’s a dark brown spread for things like toast, and it’s rather salty. It tastes better when it’s put on toast with butter. I love it! But it’s an acquired taste. It’s from the UK.

  1. The video was interesting and good for my listening experience in English.

    I searched words on the Internet to get meanings. Like when you say sweats and jeans, you are not talking about perspiration. And psoriasis was a new word for me.

    Could you tell me what you talked at #17 and #19?
    #17 sounded like “bowl constricter”.
    I have no idea about the word.
    #19 You talked about the story that you were prescribed glasses. Then,
    the unknown word sounded like “atomic trist” cricked. Is it a muscle or something?

    Forgive my poor understanding.

    1. Yeah, sweat pants, or I guess you might call them trainers.

      In #17, I said “boa constrictor.” It’s a type of snake.
      In #19, I said “optometrist.” That’s an eye doctor. I said he was crooked, or he was not a good person.

      Nice to teach you again 🙂

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