Windows 10 Internet Difficulties

As I type this on my iPhone, my sister is trying to resolve an issue with her newly upgraded Windows 10. It won’t recognize the network connection. She’s upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It’s a headache. Many solutions fail because the instructions provided fail to understand that she has no internet connection! So, she’s thinking about going back to Windows 7. 

I have yet to upgrade mine. I’m going from Windows 8.1, which has a lot more in common with Windows 10, so I shouldn’t have the same issues. I hope. 

Anyone have this problem?

Update: Restarting the modem and computer seemed to resolve it. However, some login information was lost. Oh well, it seems to work now. Next is my computer!

14 thoughts on “Windows 10 Internet Difficulties”

    1. That would be annoying. My computer keeps telling me my drop box is full. I don’t have one. It’s my sister’s, but I connected to it once a year ago. It never told me about it being full in Windows 8.1. It tells me every day now.

      1. One thing I am wary of is the relentless and virtually unstoppable ‘added feature’ update process in which large slabs of the OS are replaced. I can’t help thinking that there is a high potential for things to break.

        1. That’s what I always worry about with updates. I’ve had an update that didn’t install successfully. It was a bit messy. I had to go into safe mode and restore before the update. The second attempt was fine, though.

  1. I have Windows 10 on my laptop and Windows 7 on my desktop/gaming PC. I had Windows 8 on my old laptop and it drove me crazy. I downgraded to 7 again at the first opportunity. No problems with 10 or 7 at the moment. Can’t even say I prefer either one.

    1. My sister once upgraded from 7 to 8, then went back down to 7. So many compatibility issues. She could no longer use things like her printer or scanner. No drivers made for windows 8 yet.

      1. Compatible issues were what eventually led to my downgrade too, despite my other dissatisfactions with it. Windows 8 was not compatible with The Sims 4 because the processor in that computer, no longer had drivers the game needed to function. That was definitely the last straw. I bought that game and had it for at least a month or two before I could finally play it. Absolute torture.

        1. Really? The Sims 4 is supposed to be compatible with both Windows 8 and 10. Strange. I have The Sims 2, and that’s not compatible with Windows 8 or 10. However, I can apparently get the ultimate edition, which fixes that.

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