It’s Done – Windows 10

I’m taking you on a brief journey. 

It began innocently. 

But it sat at 0% for the longest time. 

It progressed, though. 

I turned off the new default features. But so far, it works! No issues at all. Occasionally it tells me it’s updating something, but that’s quick. I explored a bit. I saw an app in the Start Menu. Minecraft??? Probably not installed. And it’s a beta version. Wonder if I should try it. And then waste my time!

My only annoyance is that I can’t change the colour of the title bar of windows. Oh well. 

Posted from my iPhone SE. 

7 thoughts on “It’s Done – Windows 10”

    1. Really? Nothing changed for me, though it’s restricting access to the photos and videos on my iPhone until I tell my iPhone to allow access. Every time!

  1. Good luck with that!
    I’ll try to stay on 7 as long as it’s possible. Got a few programs from XP still. Not sure they will work when I have 10. That’s not crucial but unpleasant.
    Time to dig into Linux I guess…

    1. My sister’s secondary computer is older, and many programs didn’t survive the upgrade. But then, she didn’t upgrade those programs, either.

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