The Star Trek Project

I’ve been planning on watching Star Trek and reviewing every episode on this blog. Well, it’s going to happen! Netflix Canada now has every Star Trek TV episode available, and I plan to watch them all. But how am I doing to do it?

The Order

I’m going to watch the episodes in order of broadcast. That means I’ll start off with Star Trek, then move on to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine began in the later seasons of TNG, so I’ll be alternating between the two at that time. Same with when Star Trek: Voyager begins. And finally, I’ll do Star Trek: Enterprise. But what about the movies? Well, I’ll do them as well! And I’ll try doing Star Trek: Discovery when it’s on Space here in Canada.

The Reviews

These aren’t going to be full reviews like I do with books. They’re going to be my impression of the episodes, as well as discussing who the enemy is, which planet(s) they went to, and any special guest actors that appeared. I have seen every Star Trek episode, so this will be a lot about nostalgia. I will also be doing a star rating, and out of the five star episodes, I’ll make a ranking for my favourites at the end of each series. However, I will also do a ranking of my least favourites.

Other Series?

I’d like to do the same kind of thing with Doctor Who. That’s the other show I’m a big fan of, though I haven’t watched any of the newer episodes. I’ve only see the old series! Other series I’ll do a general overview of the seasons, rather than an episode-by-episode review. I’m not that dedicated to TV! Though I may do Shannara Chronicles and Game of Thrones like this.

Video Reviews?

While I do reviews on this blog, I may also do reviews on my YouTube channel! But I think I’ll do only a weekly update here, showing you the videos in a single blog post.

So, who’s excited for this? Ready to live Star Trek with me?

20 thoughts on “The Star Trek Project”

  1. We have the same selection in NZ too. I intend rewatching the original series but it’s a matter of finding time, which is scarce. The 2005-onwards Who is definitely worth checking out.

  2. All those Trek series just hit UK too 🙂 I’ve been re-living DS9, which is a program I loved when i was growing up.

  3. Good luck with making your way through all of them! I started on Next Gen not too long ago, am slowly making my way through. New Who is decent, especially the Eccelston/Tennant years, though I have to say I do prefer a lot of old Who compared to the newest doctors. 🙂

    1. The only new Who I’ve seen is a couple of Christmas episodes, and they were both Tennant. When I started watching Doctor Who, it was the Tom Baker doctor. He was Doctor Who to me.

  4. With the original ST, I have to say it depends on whether you are really watching the originals; or the digital remasters.
    Why, do you ask?
    I grew up watching the originals. One of my favourite episodes is “The Doomsday Machine”. It really scared me. Many years later; I watched the remastered one. OMG, it was ruined. GONE was the overriding menace; GONE was the tension. There were very nice CGI of the ‘Enterprise’ zooming over the DDM and firing phasers at it; but to Me, as ‘OLD SCHOOL’, the ‘Enterprise’ didn’t fight like this ‘on screen’.

    1. It’s the remastered version on Netflix. I’m liking how it looks so far. I haven’t gotten anywhere near the Doomsday Machine episode yet, though.

  5. I just discovered TOS was up on Netflix Canada a few weeks ago. I’d been meaning to work old Trek back into the rotation, so I’m watching on Netflix. I have them on DVD, but since they are advertised as HD, I’m watching them for comparison.

    1. I’m interested in the difference between the original and HD. I like the CG so far. The planets look good. The colour is good. I’ve been watching comparisons on YouTube, though for TNG recently. Those look good! Lots of colour correction, clearer video, and some redone CG.

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