12 thoughts on “Authors Answer 91 – An Amazon Nightmare”

  1. I think Amazon should have investigated the situation more thoroughly BEFORE taking action, since in this case it looks like the author hadn’t done anything wrong, but I do think they SHOULD ban anyone caught scamming. I also think Amazon needs some way for authors to find out WHY they’re being investigated for possible scamming or whatever, and to be able to respond in their own defense, so no permanent (or possibly permanent) action is taken on the say-so of an algorithm instead after careful consideration by a real person.

    1. I agree. They need to be more open about communicating with the authors and investigate. I wonder how many people they’d need to do the investigations, though.

  2. What an absolutely horrible situation. I’m not published (yet or ever who knows), but I can’t imagine not being able to sell my work on Amazon. That’s THE online marketplace. I’m glad that it seems to be getting resolved, but I echo Thomas’s sentiments (whose blog I thought I was following, but which I seem to have unfollowed for some reason, remedied that, odd…) in saying Amazon should’ve had done some recon before just shutting her down right away.

    Unfortunately, that seems to be the way of things. I had a similar (if much smaller scale to my livelihood since I don’t rely on WP for income…yet) experience where something I posted riled the spam filters, and my account was suspended. When I put in the request for investigation that was the information they gave me. It had incited the spam bots in error. Well…what if I DID rely on blogging for income? There seems to be a shoot first, ask questions later culture when it comes to things like this. Amazon could afford to lose money that it would recoup if it had been a true scam situation, but the author cannot 😦

    1. Something you posted caught spam filters on WordPress? I haven’t had that happen, and I’m at nearly 2000 posts now. Wonder what it was.

            1. Strange. But then, it could be that WordPress thought you were advertising, which isn’t allowed. You are allowed to advertise your own books. You’re allowed to do reviews and link to the Amazon pages for them. But you’re not allowed to do paid advertising.

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