Controversial Opinions?

Facebook shares, news articles, and Trump. What do they have in common? A good amount of anti-science garbage. There are times when you see your friends and family sharing things from David Avocado Wolfe or Food Babe, or you see news articles about the new Ark Encounter in Kentucky or Texas school boards trying to get Creationism in science textbooks, or you hear Trump talk about how climate change is a conspiracy or that vaccines cause autism, and you just want to slap some common sense into people.

So, here it is. Vaccines do not cause autism. There is no evidence. Climate change is happening. There’s a ton of evidence. There was no global flood in 2348 BC. There is no evidence, and a lot of civilisations were around at that time with no record of any such flood (not to mention they didn’t realise that they supposedly disappeared, when they most certainly did not). Non-avian dinosaurs did not live at the same time as humans. They predate modern humans by around 65 million years. Evolution happens. Yes, it has been observed (quite easy when you look at microbes). There’s no evidence of any kind of damage or sickness from eating genetically modified foods. Remember, pretty much all cultivated foods that we eat have been modified over centuries or millennia. You can’t avoid chemicals in food. Everything is made up of chemicals. Water is a chemical. Protein is a chemical. Want to avoid chemicals? Then don’t eat, drink, or breathe.

Anti-intellectualism is incredible strong, especially in the United States. Look at the Republican Party’s candidate for President. It’s a scary situation if he gets elected. People need to be educated. Science is something that doesn’t rely on emotion. The science doesn’t change if you believe it or not. It’s still true. A ball falls whether you believe it or not. The Theory of Gravity isn’t “just a theory.” Cells exist in your body, they divide, and they have a structure whether you believe it or not. Cell Theory isn’t “Just a theory.” Dinosaurs existed and they still exist in the form of birds whether you believe it or not. The Theory of Evolution isn’t “just a theory.” Scientific theories aren’t something you can dismiss as “just a theory.” They are an explanation of observable facts. They’re not a guess.

Don’t agree with me? That’s fine. You don’t have to agree with me. The science will still be true. It doesn’t need your approval to be true.

18 thoughts on “Controversial Opinions?”

  1. I think the most frustrating thing is the fact this information exists and is (relatively) free for anyone to access yet ignorance runs rampant on the back of cognitive dissonance. It’s not that people don’t know; it’s that they refuse to accept it. If ignorance could be cured solely by knowledge, this world would be far better, but you consistently see people denying claims because they don’t fit with their world view. That’s what I don’t know how to fight.

    1. Quite often, some people think personal belief trumps fact. They think that if they believe in something enough that the facts can be ignored, or that if facts don’t correspond with their beliefs, then they must be false.

    1. Exactly. What’s scary is that both Trump and Pence are of the opinion that belief is more important. Who cares about the facts? That’s dangerous.

      1. Just because you believe water isn’t wet doesn’t make it true. I’d say I’m glad I’m not in the US any more, but this could effect the whole world more than Brexit.

          1. I’d love to say nobody wants him, but he’s somehow in the running so apparently somebody wants him. I would think he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

            1. Well, I’m exaggerating. But the Republican Party doesn’t seem to want him anymore. Even Bush supporters are saying they’ll vote for Clinton.

  2. There are really people who don’t believe that biological cells exits??? (I’m so brain-wobbled at the notion that I’m using excess punctuation!!)

    As the clone-sibling of an anthropologist, I have to laugh at people who scream about genetically modified organisms. (Yes, I have to laugh — it’s right there in the contract.) Humans have been modifying everything we eat — every living thing we USE in any way — since long before we were even practicing agriculture, much less editing DNA. Picking one plant to eat but leaving another to keep growing and eventually spread seeds means the genes that get passed on are not the same as if the first plant hadn’t been picked before it went to seed.

    And people who are against vaccines because they think they cause autism anger me on a personal level. They’re basically saying that they’d rather risk their child DYING of a contagious disease than risk that child being like me.

    1. The whole anti-GMO movement has me shaking my head. Without it, a lot more people would be starving. A lot of the crops we have wouldn’t be yielding as much food, nor would they be as healthy. Changing the DNA doesn’t make it poisonous, like some people think. Ingesting a slightly modified organism won’t change our DNA.

      I’d love to challenge someone to eat a wild banana or wild watermelon. They’re practically inedible.

      1. Some of the agricultural practices that usually go along with GMOs… Now, those are bad, but they’re bad anyway. Monoculture, nasty pesticides, too much fertilizer: those were problems long before the latest developments in genetic modification of food crops.

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