Week in Review – July 31, 2016

Not often that the week in review falls on the last day of the month. I have a month in review to do after this! It’s been a very interesting week. A couple big things happened, both on YouTube and on this blog. It’s all fun stuff, though. I also upgraded my computer to Windows 10. No problems!


My month ended with Redemption Ark at 53%. I really need to try to finish it in August.


A lot of thoughts about it, but none happened.


In the past week, I did 10 videos. 8 on my main channel and 2 on my vlog channel. Something big happened. Two of my videos this past week went kind of viral. I took a couple videos of a big thunderstorm we had, as well as the flooding that resulted. Combined, the two videos amassed more than 2,000 views! The flooding video became my most popular video ever.


Nothing yet.


I should be working on this, but I was so busy with other things.

The Blog

I started something exciting! Well, I’m excited about it. The Star Trek Project has begun, and I’ve reviewed the first episode of the original Star Trek. I’ll be doing every episode of every Star Trek series. I’m even doing a video version of it. I just haven’t edited the intro and first episode videos yet.



The Next Week’s Goals

Since it’s a new month, it’s a fresh start. I’m going to get to work on reviews. Really! And I’m going to get the Authors Answer index up-to-date. Also, I’m going to create a page dedicated to The Star Trek Project. I’m taking a couple days off from videos, as I did 10 in the past week. I’ll get the Star Trek ones done tonight or tomorrow, though. I’m looking forward to it! Feeling excited.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments!

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