YouTube’s New End Card Feature

There’s something on YouTube I’ve been waiting for. It’s not available for the general YouTube public yet, though. It’s the new end card editor. This new feature makes it much easier for you to create end cards by incorporating interactive, clickable links to videos, channels, and other features. Let’s face it, annotations look ugly. I’m using annotations in my new Star Trek videos. However, I’m doing it in a way so that when the end card editor is available to me, I can switch them to it. But for a bit of a preview, here’s a tutorial about how to use them so you can see what’s coming.

So, I’m excited to use it. I really want to use it. It’ll make the videos look so much better.

What do you think? If you make videos on YouTube, do you think this feature will be something you’re interested in?

6 thoughts on “YouTube’s New End Card Feature”

    1. I like how it looks in the video. It seems a lot of the top YouTubers have access to it. I wonder how long until it’s available to everyone.

  1. I’m only doing little videos for Crash right now, but it’s still something I’d like to add to his videos. It does encourage people to stay and watch more!

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