Authors Answer 92 – Lemons and Steel

Lemons and Steel? What does that mean? You’re going to find out! This month, we have a special Authors Answer where we take a title, decide what genre it is and where it takes place, then write a brief summary about the book. You get to see our creativity.

And this is an interactive Authors Answer! At the end of the post, you’ll find a poll. You can vote for your favourite idea. We’ll be doing this every week this month, so expect some interesting stories.

Also, there are several members who are absent this week due to various reasons: a couple are in the process of publishing books, while another is busy preparing for school. It’s a busy month!

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 92 – Lemons and Steel

Paul B. Spence

Genre: Non-Fiction

Setting: Asia

Summary: A comparative analysis of European Colonialism in Asia, focusing on the role of industrialism and modernization on the cultures of Asia. A hard look at how the lack of lemons in Europe forced early colonial navies to forage in Asia to prevent scurvy, and the influence of those sailors on the native peoples.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: Dystopian Future Tokyo

A young man with no name and no past runs a fruit cart in the rundown Nishi-Shinjuku district. This lonely vendor holds a secret deep inside, forever shielded from the world around him, but when the Invaders decide to set their sights back on Japan, his blade must ring out one final time.

D. T. Nova

Science fiction/historical

Medieval England

A used car lot is transported back in time by a mysterious phenomenon. The cars have more speed and endurance than any horse, as long as they aren’t breaking down. The owner is now known as Sir Raymond, the Yellow Knight.

Elizabeth Rhodes

“Lemons and Steel,” a webcomic set in a south Florida bakery. Ellie’s fresh out of culinary school and is over the moon with her first serious bakery job. Turns out the job comes with much more work – and play – than she thought.

Jean Davis

Lemons and Steel is a mystery novel set in the midwest. Veronica Weston is called in to solve the murder of Clive Lemon, avid knife collector. When the murder weapon, a jeweled dagger, turns up in Clive’s grieving brother’s home, she’s sure she knows have the killer. But then they meet the rest of the family and they give sour a whole new meaning.

Eric Wood

Lemons and Steel is a Young Adult novel. In a small, rural town a few teens hear about an enormous corporation who wants to set up shop. When the suspicious teens mistakenly uncover a dark secret they vow to stop the corporation. Opening a Lemonade Stand is just their first step.

Gregory S. Close

YA: Romance/Adventure

In a world where civilization has collapsed, and citrus fruit has succumbed to the biological plague known as the Scurvy, gangs of hairless mutants with bad teeth rule the desolate landscape of the apocalypse.  But into this madness and despair strides one boy with a dream… and a seed.

Citron is the last of the Planters, a mysterious cadre of botanical experts devoted to the preservation of Earths’ flora.  His family murdered, their seeds scattered, he has only one hidden lemon seed and a dream.  Can he overcome the suspicions of the relatively beautiful mutant called Steel, the roguish daughter of the unscrupulous mutant Captain Blight?

Together, can they bring an end to the Scurvy and lead humanity back from the brink?

They’ll need soil.


A dash of plant food.


…and love.

Jay Dee Archer

Lemons and Steel is a historical novel set in the Edo Period of Japan. A lone samurai wanders the land encountering injustices that are running rampant. He’s discovered by the Yuzu ninja clan whose leader wants him dead. But he has a secret weapon, he polishes his sword with lemon juice before every battle.

How about you?

Now it’s your turn. Choose a book that you think should be written. Which best fits the title “Lemons and Steel” in your mind? Vote below, then leave a comment explaining your choice.

Compelling Myself to Read

Do you love reading? I do. I love it so much I want to get myself into the worlds that exist in the books. But I find I’m not reading much at the moment. I’m on the same book I started in February. That’s too long! So, I need to get myself to read. Just set aside a little time. Reading is good for you! It can help you increase your vocabulary, reduce stress, and it’s good mental and emotional therapy. Some people say it can even make you more successful. But I just enjoy it.

Here is my challenge for myself: Set aside thirty minutes a day when I can be alone in a quiet place and read. I should be able to finish the book I’m reading within two weeks and finish another book by the end of this month. So, I’m going to do it!

I talked about this in a video, as well. If you like cute things, watch the video! My daughter is in it. She wants hearts.

So, how do you set aside time for yourself to read? Let me know in the comments below. Also, send some hearts for my daughter. She wants some.