Are You Watching the Olympics?

This is the first Olympics I have the chance to really watch since the 2010 Olympics. You see, the Olympics in 2012 and 2014 were on when our TV was dominated by children’s TV, and we had to have it off when our daughter was going to bed. Now, it’s possible to watch them again.

Of course, I’m cheering for Canada, but also Japan. After the first day of events, Canada has a bronze medal and is in 9th place.  Japan, on the other hand, has one gold and four bronze medals, which is good enough to be tied for first, along with the United States and China.

I really don’t know who is good, or which sports Canada is expected to do well in. This is one of the first times I haven’t paid any attention to the athletes. So, I’m going into these Olympics with no expectations at all. Maybe that’s for the best. It was nice to see Canada win the bronze tonight in women’s 4x100m freestyle relay. And the team had two sixteen-year-olds! Very impressive.

Are you watching the Olympics? Which sports are you interested in watching?

14 thoughts on “Are You Watching the Olympics?”

    1. Penny Oleksiak has now won four medals for Canada, and she’s only 16! She could win a fifth medal. Four medals by a single Canadian swimmer is a record already.

  1. I pretty much watch any event. I watched field hockey, beach volleyball, volleyball, and rugby (Canada beat Brazil). I’m excited to see rugby in the Olympics this year. I missed the swimming. I think it’s fun to have the summer Olympics in a country where it’s currently winter!

    1. In the swimming events, some of them are wearing warm jackets because it’s a bit cool at night. The swimming has been amazing, from a Canadian perspective. Loving how well Penny Oleksiak is doing, and she’s only 16!

  2. I’m definitely watching it, though a lot of the finals will be on late where I am. The athletics is my favourite, but I like most sports (especially the ones where Team GB might win!)

  3. I’ve not watched *even one minute* of live Olympics. Aided by time-zone and my natural aversion to commercial television, it’s been remarkably easy to avoid…
    Replays of gold medal wins for Australia and clips of beach volleyball (women’s) matches are the only replays I’ve hunted down.

    1. Here in Canada, we have absolutely no commercials during Olympic coverage. I love CBC’s coverage. And all the sports networks work together along with CBC to show as many events as possible, whether Canadians are in it or not. I’ve seen Japanese coverage, and it’s so Japan-centric and filled with commercials. Just like NBC’s coverage in the US. It’s awful. Even other American networks are irritated at not being able to show highlights of the Olympics in their sports news segments.

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