Random Stuff!

Sometimes I feel like I just want to talk. Many things I want to talk about. Not very important things, but lots of random subjects. Are you ready? This isn’t even a stream of consciousness kind of thing. I will change subjects suddenly! Get ready for a lack of segues!

Give a kid some boxes, and they’ll do so many things with them. My daughter made a car and a rocket with some boxes. And now she’s talking about poop. I guess she’s at the age in which she likes to play with boxes and talk about poop.

Been watching too much jacksepticeye recently. Don’t know who he is? He’s one of the biggest YouTubers and gamers on YouTube. He isn’t even good at games, but his failures and reactions can be quite over the top. And he’s from Ireland. I love the Irish accent.

And I’ve been playing a bit of Happy Wheels lately. That is one of the most addictive, yet stupid games around. I know it’s violent and bloody, but my daughter was laughing herself silly watching me try jump over things with a pogo stick.

The responses to my most recent YouTube video have been great. It seems a lot of people have been enjoying that video. I was rather silly in it, and silly seems to be well-received by people. Actually, one viewer said he enjoyed how I did my shoutouts in the style of each of the YouTubers.

And just now, my daughter decided to punch herself in the face. She says it’s a monster punching her. Actually, a couple days ago, when we were at the playground, she pushed a boy and he punched her in the face. Her first playground fight.

So, what’s been happening in your life? Got any random snippets of your day to share?


10 thoughts on “Random Stuff!”

  1. Just got a GoPro and have created a YouTube page to upload the videos to. Zero videos, zero views, zero subscribers (just made it an hour ago). I’ll be letting everyone know when it goes live 🙂

  2. There’s a children’s book, Christina Katerina and the Box, that your daughter would probably like. It’s all about the things the title character and her friend do with a very large (refrigerator?) box over the course of several days: rocket, castle, race car, dance floor (after it gets flattened somehow)…

    There’s nothing wrong with a lack of seques sometimes. In fact, it’s probably good for people.

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