Authors Answer 93 – The Practicality Engine

You may be wondering what a Practicality Engine is. Well, you’re going to find out what our authors think it is. As with last week, we’re taking a title and turning it into a possible story. You, the reader, get to choose your favourite at the end with a poll.

But first, last week’s winner of Lemons and Steel is Gregory S. Close with his entry. Congratulations!

So, let’s take a look at this week’s story!

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 93 – The Practicality Engine

Gregory S. Close

“It takes what you want and makes what you need.”


Veronica didn’t have much.  No family.  No money.  No future.  Maybe her looks, if the lighting was just right, but certainly not her pride.  When Caleb and Ron Ron dragged her out in back of the Kitty Kat Klub, she knew she was losing what little she had left.  They had it in their eyes.  Lust and murder, and maybe not even in the that order.  Caleb and Ron Ron were messed up like that.

That’s when she found it.  Her back against the wall.  Her lungs filled with a hot scream and her fingers digging dirt and broken glass.

The Box.

It had everything she could think of.  Anything she wanted.  Just the thing she needed.

What’s the price for having whatever your heart desires?

Veronica is about to find out…

Eric Wood

Practicality Engine is a Thriller bound to keep biting your nails. The frozen North Pole is melting. Four scientist are determined to get it refrozen. Only they don’t know what’s about to come crawling from the thawing ice.

Jean Davis

The Practicality Engine is science fiction. Through endless dependency on technology and generations gone before, common sense has been eradicated from humanity. Michael Smith is the last man on Earth with a practical mind. He must overcome his utter frustration with the stupidity of others and help them see their way into a more logical future before man is driven into the dirt forever.

Elizabeth Rhodes

“The Practicality Engine,” a historical science fiction novel. It’s a little known fact that the first artificial intelligence was created in the sleepy town of Ratliff, Texas in the late 19th century. Marty Hale and his wife Velma unveil their prototype just as a threat appears on the outskirts of town.

D. T. Nova


The wild west

The local tinkerer has invented a machine that changes probability to make the impractical practical. Now all gunslingers use at least two revolvers at once, cowboys compete for the most innovative way to round up cattle, and all the rest of the tinkerer’s inventions work reliably. But then the Engine gets turned up full steam, and now no one can do anything the simple way anymore.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

Genre: Alternate History

Setting: The Wild West

William H. Edinger has always been a mediocre inventor, until the day a fortuitous accident occurs that changes his life forever. Now he possesses the invention of a lifetime, but ambassadors from several nations are willing to do anything to ensure that he never gets to use it.

Paul B. Spence

Genre: Paranormal Steampunk Romance

Setting: Victorian England

Summary: Linsey led an ordinary life as a gear cleaner until she was bit by a radioactive rat. That fateful bite changed her in ways that science could never explain, and led her to explore the depths of the London underground, an underground filled with the other cast-offs and dregs of society. Linsey’s new life as a were-rat also led her to explore avenues of sexuality that had been previously forbidden, such as the sensual joy of exposing her naked tail…

Jay Dee Archer

Genre: Science fiction

Setting: Alpha Centauri Ab

Earth was not the only civilisation in the galaxy. Archaeologist Terry McDougal leads a team of scientists and historians to discover the secrets of the alien civilisation that once inhabited Alpha Centauri Ab. It holds a secret. A secret so wondrous that it could provide a world with all its needs. But it could also lead to its downfall. Will they listen to the warning before it’s too late?

How about you?

Now it’s your turn. Choose a book that you think should be written. Which best fits the title “The Practicality Engine” in your mind? Vote below, then leave a comment explaining your choice.

9 thoughts on “Authors Answer 93 – The Practicality Engine”

  1. When reading about Jay Dee’s version, I thought, “It sounds like they have something like the Krell machine from Forbidden Planet. I bet that’s what it is, and Bad Things tend to happen to civilizations that build those.” So of course I had to vote for it. Also, archaeologists in space (okay, “scientists and historians” — combined, you have archaeologists), a trope I’m kinda fond of. 🙂

    1. I think archaeologists would be in demand in the future when we explore other planets that had civilisations on them. But I wrote this just before it was announced that an Earth-like planet was discovered orbiting Proxima Centauri.

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